Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Things To Share

I did get to the class on rug hooking. I am still not sure that it is "my thing" but I did finally last night finish the hooking on the project. I will tell you that I have a deeper respect for those who do rug hooking. It is much harder than it appears. I am probably going to continue doing it as it is beautiful. I will most likely do it for myself or as a gift (okay it would have to be a REALLY REALLY special friend to get this as a gift !LOL!)
I did not buy the more expensive hook, which I may do if I do another project. The other thing I found difficult was trying to hold onto the hoop and the wool and the hook. Well there are tabletop/laptop hoops, I may have to save up and get me one of those; the teacher showed us hers and it seemed to be much easier.
It is a bit of an expensive hobby as the wool and supplies are a bit more than cotton for quilts. But there are ways around that; wool can be harvested from old items; such as from the TS.
I was shocked that the base material with the patterns drawn on were so HIGH! Apparently it is a bit of difficulty to trace the patterns on; but the teacher showed us a shortcut. The pattern I liked that was drawn on, a prim angel, was like $70.00 WITHOUT any wool! Yow!
But it was nice to get out; the class was small and we were able to stay as long as we liked. The class was at the quilt shop the Hen House. The teacher is the owner Nancy. She is great and offered to provide ongoing help for everyone. All in all it was a nice opportunity to meet new people and learn something new.I would recommend trying it; the teacher said if you have no shops in your area try the videos and you can order supplies. I'm sure she would be glad to UPS you whatever you need. You can email me or leave a comment if you would like her contact info.
After class, I decided to go to a shop another blogger recommended. The Old Granary in Quincy,MI. It was so prim! I loved it.(She has a picturetrail of her home!) I bought that book by Judy Condon; Of Hearth and Home; mainly because another blogger said it had instructions on how to make shutters.(and that is another WHOLE blog post!)
There were many nice items there; some were a little higher than I can afford, but folks were in the shop buying lots of things! I am hoping to go back again soon. I did not know that my card on my camera was full or I would have pictures!
I have been working on the rug; DONE!!! I will post a photo soon! I have also been sewing up some gingys and grungy-ing some piggies!
The gingys before their grungification; LOL!

The piggies Step One!

New Goodies!!!!

The crock for $6.00!

The benches $10.00

My new candle lamp!!!!$10.00!!!

I also was able to get to the flea market south of here in Lapeer,MI. My farmer's market friend has a booth; it is only open on Sundays so finally I was able to go and see her. It was so nice to see her again and I found other vendors who are also at the farmer's market. In addition I was able to find my other fave seller who owned a prim store until the economy swallowed it. She made the scale lamp; it was $10.00!!! I also bought the stack of lil benches for $10.00 from her! AND a cutting board($2.00!) that I forgot to take a photo of! Darn!

The yellow bowl; it is very heavy; sorry about the flash! It is a beautiful yellow!

The wee lil crock!!!It is more grey than it shows!

The snowmen and the bobbins

Little vintage hopper!!! I just love him!!!!

Now the crock comes from a place my friend from the flea market told me about; a consignment shop in Fenton,Mi. The crock was $6.00, I also got a cast iron mold; snowmen,($5.00) a vintage hopping bunny($3.00!!) and old bobbins($4.00 for all). I found a beautiful old yellow bowl($12.00)and a little stoneware crock with blue decoration around the outside($2.00!!!). I am in love with this store; they have furniture and housewares as well as other odds and ends. It is a bit of a drive, but not too bad.
I am trying to get my dopey back to cooperate with all my grandiose plans; but it keeps acting out!!! And I have NO common sense and keep pushing myself to do more and more , so I keep making it hurt more. I have also been making Dogster pages for the babies, so check them out! They are so much fun to do; I'm sure your furbabies will love one too!

My Country Baby Murphy