Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Isn't this pillow too cute? It is from Jan Patek and so great for Spring!
Something new; Jan Patek has a blog now!!! So go over and visit her and see what she is up to! Her store/website is here. I love it; I get an email when there are new patterns and other interesting things; you can sign up there for that as well as shop too.

I was reading a blog the other evening and noticed that the author was speaking to the slow loading of pages; she believes that it is due to the music many of us add. Well I have noticed that at peak times things may load slowly; I have satellite internet which is high speed; but mostly it is due to all the pretty things we have on our blogs; like the page designs and widgets and such. Pictures are another culprit. If you are having problems; I have a fix; put all your favorites in a reader; or feed; they only load the photos we put in, not the music and backgrounds and widgets etc. They are always updated when a new post comes in, so you know if you have read the latest. I like the Google reader myself; but I also have some in the Microsoft feeds too. It is easier to keep up with you all; time wise and if you want to comment you can easily click through to the actual blog and leave a comment. Just a little time saver and help for bloggie friends!!! Hope you check out Jan Patek site/blog; she has such neat primitive style patterns!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here we go again!!!

Well; you know how it is!!! I have been working around the house on things; especially on getting my sewing and crafting room in order! I refused to take a picture of it to show you all; the shame!!! Well, it is almost done!!! And I am getting stuff together for a yard sale, some from the craft room!!!

I have been hopping around reading your blogs too; I love them all and have them in the GooGle reader; but that makes it harder to comment; but easier to keep up with, so if I have a need to comment then I click on over to your blog!!

I see with sadness that we are losing some bloggies! Lea of Farmhouse Blessings; I was so sad to see you go: I understand that you need to do what is right for you, as do we all, but I will still miss you. That brings me to this; maybe you are a blogger who is slower to post or whatever; I say who cares. I am doing this for me; I post when I can and what I can. And the thing is I do feel guilty when I don't do it as often as I like. I think everyone eventually gets a rhythm of their own. I think we need to look at quality above quantity. And don't feel pressured so much that you need to leave, unless that is what you truly have to do. I will miss the bloggies that have left. I know that there will be new folks, but you know its not the same :) But we will be friendly I swear!!!

So I will do what I can to be more regular!!!( not that kind of regular!! Golly where is your mind today??LOL) I know I am a Bad Bloggie!!! I am tired of winter! I have taken the mugs out on every nice day; we play with the big orange ball that Niles loves; and we (I) blow bubbles which they all love to chase.

Some fun news; my favorite primitive quilt and craft shop The Hen House has finally gone online; now you all can see the shop for yourself; it is in the beginning stages, but you can see the shop and the cool stuff Nancy has in her shop. I am placing the link on the sidebar; please visit her and let her know you heard about it here!!

I have also found out that Warm Pie, Happy Home has changed to
Sugar Pie Farmhouse; but it is still as delicious as ever! RuthAnn seems to be so sweet!!! And she is so darn cute (and thin!!) How can someone who is such a fantastic cook be so darn thin!!!! I am tellin' ya gals, it just ain't right!!! LOL! I'll be back soon with more; I can NOT find some photos I want to show you all!!!

My Country Baby Murphy