Wednesday, October 20, 2010

what's new?

Sorry that I have been AWOL for a while! My computer has died and I can't afford to replace it yet; so I am using friend's computers. Things are good here; I am happy and laughing a lot. Things are not perfect; the economics of my life aren't that good, but that will come. I have found the true love I wished and prayed for. He is good for me and my dogs! They love him so much! I never knew that I could have such a life; I have a real country life now. And I am happy with that.

This is the first Sweetest Day I have ever had that was filled with love. He cooks for me when I work late and he takes care of my bulies like they were his own. We both laugh so much when we are together that we get headaches! LOL! Thanks God for this gift. I pray it always will be this way. He makes me better than I was. And there is no misery left here. This guy makes me sparkle more than ever. I pray that I am worthy of him. I will always do my best to keep him as happy as he makes me. What a change! Life is good. We work through the imperfections of life together.

I'll write when I can; I miss you all and I try to read up when I can> Love to you all

My Country Baby Murphy