Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Fun Stuff to Make

I have been on the Bunny Hill blog and website; the generous designer Anne is giving away these patterns each month and the instructions for the BOM (block of the month) quilt. And there are other freebies on the website as well as lovely things that you can purchase including a new line of fabric named for her chihuahua Chelsea ( Murphy is sooo in LOVE with Chelsea but that is not the ONLY reason I love the fabric! LOL) I have put a button on my sidebar; each month she will post a new block (free) that you can make in either applique ( whatever method you choose) or you can stitch it out in redwork ( or even blue or black work would be interesting I think) So go to her blog Bunny Hill or her website Bunny Hill Designs and enjoy her wonderful creative and gorgeous designs. And Murphy says Chelsea is his new girlfriend and so you may admire her, but that is all! LOL: he is soooo possessive of his girlfriends hee-hee!
Enjoy these pics of the BOM's; the February one was looking funny when I tried to post it, but you can see it at the site; look for free patterns. There is also a cute bunny quilt and a lampshade. I just love the soft colors. Have fun!!!

March Freebie at Bunny Hill:

January Freebie at Bunny Hill ;

Monday, March 30, 2009

Well Duh to me AGAIN!!!!

Well, I was just reviewing an older post I made about going to Cadillac and the neat stuff I saw there, the reason being that I was just on the phone with the owner of Primitives in Thyme, Shelly Lee Gregory. What a sweet lady! And so full of great ideas. I met her when I went to her shop in Cadillac,MI. I heard about the shop from Pam of basketsnprims blog. And she was right, the shop is so wonderful, The prices make it easy to get what you want and there is much that is locally made, so we are supporting our economy by making purchases. She does have wonderful furniture pieces as well. On Wednesday I am going back to the shop and will have much to show, I hope,(you know I get excited and forget to take photos), of her shop for you all to see! You can call up and order things if you see something you just have to have. I somehow forgot to put in that post the name of the store and the neat stuff I got there! So now I have to download those pics as well; so this is a double-duh day for me!!! So if you are in Cadillac,MI stop in at Shelly's shop, you won't be disappointed! I will get you pictures I promise!!!!

What I have been doing!

Check out this Easter Basket from Moda!!! You can make this quickly!!!! And they have LOTS of fantastic tutorials and other projects as well for FREE!!!!!


Murphy says he would like to see his Easter Eggs in a pretty basket like this!!!

Well I see by my dashboard that I have made 100 posts! Is that even possible? I just started and I am always behind!!! LOL! Anyway I have been working around the house; I just finished painting the tv armoire; we bought it two years ago in unfinished pine and it just sat while I argued with myself about what color I should paint it!
Wellll... when I went over to the Old Granary earlier this month, I bought a can of Old Century Colors Paint in Tinderbox Brown. The paint was a wee bit pricey; $14.95 for a quart, but I have to tell you it was well worth the cost and I will be using this paint on everything I can! I usually buiy the cheapest paint I can find. This may be why I hate to paint! This paint was so creamy and went on sooo beautifully! It really covered extremely well in one coat.It dried so quickly too!I am lazy so I did NOT prime the bare wood and it did not get sucked in like other paints on dry wood. No brushstrokes or roller strokes were visible like i have had in the past with other paints!
And the color is fantastic!!! I just love it, I can't believe how wonderful it looks. The look is that of an expensive cabinet. At my local country store they used it to paint a bedroom in Olde Ivory and I am sooo gonna paint my bedroom in that color. They do sell gallons for about $45, I kmow that is a bit high, but the paint covers so well in one coat AND the paint goes a longgggg way.
I was surprised by that as usually no matter what I do, I wind up having to go get more paint! Not with this brand. AND there is no real odor, as many of you know Murphy is REALLY sensitive to odors, as am I , so this is always a big concern. I have to be careful with the paints I use around the house. When I use spray paint I do so outside away from the house and leave the items out in the garage until the scent dissipates. This paint company has a WIDE range of colors and is able to be used indoors and outdoors. They also offer a simulated milk paint with some gorgeous colors as well! I'll have to take some photos and post them!

I am also working on bandannas ( with breat cancer ribbon fabric) for my kid to sell at work to her co-workers for part of her fundraising efforts. McDonalds employees work on raising funds all through the year for various community and national projects. This one is for breast cancer research. They have done quite a few fundraisers for this cause. There are a few of her co-workers who have been afflicted by this disease and so the crew wanted to do something to help stop this terrible disease. I know they don't raise a lot of money, but every dime and penny counts in the race to cure this awful disease! I think many folks don't know that McDonald's crews are out there doing what they can for their communities. At Christmas time they always find a needy family and help them with donations for the family to have a good Christmas. The money for this comes entirely from the fund raising by the crew committee, like bake sales and internal crew events. The owners and management support these endeavors by participating and donating to these events as well. I thought this might help you all see different side to your local McDonald's store. I know you have all heard of the Ronald McDonald charities and the great work they do, but the local McDonald's folks are working hard too! So next time you see a bake sale at McD's you will know the inside story. The workers are always glad to share their story behind their events as well, just ask:) And the goodies are cheap and very good! ( I have made goodies for them from time to time)It's nice to see good things being done by everyday people.

I have gotten a few goodies from the GW recently that I have been painting on; they need a second coat as I used the cheapie paint on them! Well, shoot you gotta use what you have in these times and I love getting things done! I will get you some pictures; I thought I had downloaded them but I guess not ! Well, DUH on me!!!

I'll be back soon with the pics!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Playing catchup!

Well, here he is; my Irish bully Murphy!!!! LOL!; He is such a good fella. I named him Murphy because he looked like he was going to be a prize fighter, especially with his health issues. He was just a little fella. I hoped by giving him a name like Murphy he would grow strong into his name as an Irish prize fighter; LOL! He sure did! He is such a sweet little boy who is the world to his mom. You could never find a bigger heart than my boy has, nor could you find a better example of unconditional love. I wish that human beings could love the way dogs do. They don't play games with your head or your heart. They don't cheat on you, nor do they compare you to anyone else. They are always so in to you! And they just don't care what you look like or how much you weigh as long as you love them and feed them! Hurray for doggies!

I did go to the Pig in the Poke show on Saturday in Nashville,MI. I also went to the shop by that name. I did not buy anything.For a couple of reasons: Some of the wares were a bit high for me as I am on a budget (and then some!). And then there is the husband factor; when he is with me I often second guess myself and feel intimidated by his tastes in items, not that he doesn't let me do what I want, but because I get wound up and want to make our home beautiful!!! The other element is that I can make many of the things offered, and I do like to spend money with my Michigan stores/crafters as much as possible because our economy is really bad!

There were many fine things there and so many neat vendors. I did not take any photos because I am a nut!!! Well, I think sometimes I am just overwhelmed and then later I realize that I forgot to take pictures. I did stop at my favorite quilt shop, The Hen House on the way to the show, Nancy was off sewing; how fun is that, but I met a sweet lady named Rhonda. While we were talking, another lady entered also looking for Nancy. We all joked about that for a minute, then somehow we began discussing the show, and guess what?? I was talking to Jackie; she is one of the ladies Linda, of Primp your Pad at Gathered Treasures, helped with arranging her home!!! We have all seen the photos on Linda's blog! I wish I could get Linda over here! So we began to talk and she was so sweet, we exchanged email addresses and I gave her my blog address, she thinks she may have been here before; how cool is that? So then they told me a shortcut to the show. It was perfect and a nice country drive.

After the show, I had it in my mind to go to Quincy, the location of The Old Granary! We had to make a quick stop in Battle Creek at Sweetwater's Donut Shop. My husband had seen it on some food program, so we went and got a dozen and a coffee cup for his collection. Then on to Quincy. Joann is the nicest shopkeeper you will ever meet! She and two other ladies were in the shop that day. They were so much fun! They told me I just missed meeting Lori of the Ole Primitive House. They laughed because they said we were so much alike, they would love to see us together!!! LOL! I can't help it, I am funny!!! Now, I am not funny on purpose all the time, but I do have a good sense of humor about life. And I am not shy or quiet. I tried to be for a while, but it ain't me!!! I'm loud and I'm proud of it!!! I am not ever mean to people; unless they hurt an animal or do something mean. I believe in making life fun. You all need to go visit the Old Granary! She has a pictutetrail; I will have to locate the link. I just love to go to these shops. I got a little mouse someone else made, some of the most wonderful smelling tarts; Sweet Annie scent! And some paint from Old Century for my cabinet in a nice prim brown.

I love getting out and meeting people. One of the ladies at the Old Granary, Robbie, I think her name was, said she had read my blog!!! That was so nice; she does not have a blog; maybe she will get one sometime, but I don't care as long as she wants to visit, she is sure welcome. She was such a nice person too and I hope to hear from her again! I am glad that all of you come and visit, I love yoour comments and enjoy reading your blogs too.

Currently I am thinking about how to do a prim tour/quilt shop tour by bus of some of Michigan's prim/quilt/antique shops! I wonder how much interest there would be in such a tour? I think it would be great to let someone else drive while we have fun and laugh and eat!!!No parking worries and a big ole' bus bay to store larger treasures!!! I am really interested in increasing the tourism in my area and I want to open my own prim shop. We have nothing here locally to speak of. And Michigan's economy is so bad, I would like to do my part, however small to help it . I love all these shops and have a vested interest in keeping them open! LOL! So send me your thoughts, I would love to hear your ideas!

On that note; I was saddened to hear yesterday that Krispy Kreme Donuts is closing their Flint location this Sunday!!!! HOWLLLL of disappointment!!! Now Flint is not EVEN close to me, but we made trips to Flint to shop and GO TO KRISPY KREME!!!! Now I will have to drive to Troy which is sooooo not close!!!!! Darn it all!!!!! I LOOOOOVE those donuts and the grocery store ones are NOT even close to getting them at the KK store!!!!!! So good when the HOT light is on!!!!!! I think the East Lansing one is going too; I'll be checking on that too as it is a little closer ( and I go to a quilt shop there on occasion and Williams Sonoma too!)

I hope you all had a great week; I have been having some kind of intestinal bug and back pains! Today feels a little better; I just refuse to be sick!!!!! I could NOT even enjoy that 70 degree day Tuesday!!! Hurry up Spring!!: And congrats to Jane of Jane's Fabrics on her new grandbaby!!!!
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here I Am!!!

Murphy and my friend's daughter playing dress up! He is sooo good with kids, he didn't even fuss about it :)

That was a long ole' break. Well, like many of you, I have been trying to find the time to do things and write, and visit you all.( Okay; I HAVE been visiting also called "lurking"!LOL) The past month I have been really Spring cleaning in anticipation of my friend from Indiana's visit. I mean REALLY cleaning!!! I needed to do this, but I had NO motivation or energy until this came up!!!

We went through the end of commuter college together. We both were never able to attend college as kids, so we attended a college for, basically,adults. That is where we met. And for some reason, we became very close friends. We both went through a lot in order to finish college. She was suddenly thrust into the role of single mom to two boys when her husband ran off to do his own thing, which consisted of dealing drugs and mainly getting into trouble with his gang. This all culminated in his arrest trying to cross back into Michigan from Canada where he had gone to secure more marijuana I believe.

She was lucky to have the support of her mom and sister. And then we met and we kind of helped each other. I was married at the time, rather unhappily, and had two kids as well so I guess we bonded over that. Both of us had married very early and became responsible people wayyyy earlier than our peers. We are probably seven years apart in age, but not very noticeable to us.

We began to do things that we had NEVER done before; like go out to bars and listen to music/dance. We both experienced some wild times like we had never done before in our lives; we were always homemakers and stay at home moms. I think we were really, in the beginning , seduced by the glitter of the night scene. I love music and going out to dance, but my husband did not, so we never went out to anything. My friend, was always afraid of going out so she just stayed at home too. But together we were never afraid to try anything.

We often hung out with others from school or from her neighborhood. We only did this on Friday and Saturday nights. Yes, we drank, silly amounts of alcohol at times. Neither of us had ever done this so we were just nuts! I was an addictions counselor so I know alcohol abuse when I see it and when I do it!!! LOL! Eventually, we graduated, but we kept having fun. I got a job prior to graduation and so could not be out all the time. My marriage broke up prior to graduation for so many reasons and for the first time in my life, I had my own home and was a single mom too. And, it was okay. Not easy, but okay.

I had met someone at school that I was deeply in love with and admired. That relationship and working eventually lead to a loss of contact with my friend. You know how life gets in the way sometimes of being with people you love? We still talked on the phone, and we went out from time to time, but I grew away from that "fun". I have to also say that I am the child of an alcoholic who died from the disease of alcoholism when I was just eighteen (my mother). She drank for nine years straight and it killed her. So I am acutely aware of the risks inherent in abuse of chemicals. And now being educated as an addictions counselor adds to that wealth of knowledge!

Eventually I left the U.S. with the subject of my admiration. At one time, my friend came there to visit. She is that kind of friend; she will go to the ends of the Earth for you! She brought her youngest son, whom I always had a soft spot for. He was a little guy then. We had a nice visit and then she returned home. After that we talked on the phone a lot. And she was the person who called to let me know that my son had died; she was trying to get me to call my daughter for the news, but eventually she told me. She was the one who stood by me through all the bad times ; the funeral and wake; and then somehow, I lost track of her. I know that I was depressed for a long time and did not want to be around people for any length of time. It was as though I had changed; that was what I felt.

Each time, from the moment I received the news, I left the house I felt lost. I felt like I could NOT understand why the world kept going on while my world was devastated. I often felt overwhelmed by life, the grocery store was so overstimulating that I didn't like to go there alone.Add to it that I was in a country I never lived in before with no friends nearby, and you can see why I was dis-engaging from life.

I still talked to her, not about my grief, because; it is strange how people react to this loss of mine. I know they don't know what to say or how to act. I get that, I really do. I have been there myself. But eventually I just lost touch with my old world.

When we moved to Michigan, where I also knew absolutely no one, I let her know where I was and we touched base briefly. That is when I lost the connection. I moved again to the country here in Michigan and could not find her. Time has gone by so quickly.

Well one night I was on Facebook and MySpace and thought of her older son and he loved computers. I figured that if anyone would be on the Internet, it would be him! I had sent messages to people with her name to no avail. But I found a young man with his name and even though the picture was very unfamiliar,it had been over eight years since I last saw him at my son's funeral, I sent him a message.

He responded and my friend and I were reconnected! And so she made plans to come here. When I was in Indiana in December, I drove around her town trying to find a sign of her. I later found out that her mom had passed away last year and that she had a little girl that was now 6! Of all things!! She did come here these past three days and we were able to go out for a brief tour of my area; she is a urban girl and I am a country girl. She was amazed at the space and the quiet here. I wish we had more time, but she says this summer they will come back. I hope they do. And I will go there too.

She now has a guy in her life and a house of her own. She works in sales and is happy with that. She still does the party thing, but appears able to handle it. But no matter what I will always be her friend as she will always be mine.

Part of me wishes that I could do as she wants and move back there, but the other half loves my home and the quiet. Who knows what the future will bring? I know it was nice to be able to see her and to also see the changes in myself. We graduated in 1997; and I know more about myself now than I did then.

I have made many friends here in Michigan, and have learned a lot of new things. I have made a lot of friends on this blog too. So no matter where I end up I will always have my blog with me to record the new events without losing the old.

I do have some other neat things to share; I went to GW yesterday and yes, I agree that they are pricing things WAYYYY too high! I know it is for charity, but you are going to price some folks right out of the market and then there will be NO money to give out at all. I did get a few things;

All for $11.00!!! The framed picture was brand new from Kmart and still had the sales tag; $12.99; I got it for $2.99; I figured even if I get tired of the picture, it's a great frame! The blue thing I will paint and the burgundy box too; it was from JoAnn's and still had it's price on it; it was like $15.99 or something; I paid $2.99. Everything else was under a dollar; some were the color of the day and were half off; so they were like 30 or 40 cents! You just have to be aware of prices just like anywhere.

I also went to Cadillac a couple of weeks ago as Pam from basketsandprims suggested. That is one great place, the whole town and a big GW; we then went to Traverse City as I had never been there either; and woooo! We had some fun. I found the cutest quilt shop; the Quilt-N-Bee! The owner is a cute girl who is so much like me it's scary!!! But she is so lovable!!! She and her mom own the shop and it is fab!!! And I did not take any pics there cuz I am a moron!!! I will next time, cuz I am going back there! She suggested Red's Barbecue for dinner and it was GOOOOOD!
We also went to the D.O.G. bakery!!!! Daisy and Oscar's Gourmet Dog Bakery! We bought the most beautiful hand made dog treats ever!

A bag of Shamrock cookies and a bag of Michigan shaped cookies made from cherries! If you go to Traverse City go to D.O.G. Bakery. We also went to Cherry Republic!!! WOOO! I got a whole BIG bag of dark chocolate dried Michigan cherries! Nummy!!! And we got some cherry wine, some hard cherry cider andddd they let you taste things before you buy them. They also had samples of mulled cherry wine, so good on a cold winter day. So aromatic in your home too!!

Well I guess I better go on now and get the pups their dinner!!!! I'll be back soon with more antics and goodies!!!

My Country Baby Murphy