Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Wisdom of Murphy

This is my baby Murphy. He possesses great wisdom and great love. He is my 'baby-baby" my Schmoo, my Catty-Wampus, my Yella-Fella and the keeper of my heart. He is such a kind and loving fella even though early in life he had many struggles with his health. Even now, we must be careful with him. But all in all, he is filled with love. He is my sweet angel.

Well there is much more to my Murphy than good looks and a big heart! He is such a smart lil guy. Murphy has the wisdom of the world.

Case in point; we were watching tv one evening recently and the Weight Watcher commercial came on. You know the one with the orange monster ( he puts me in mind of Gossamer on Bugs Bunny!) Well, Murphy saw this commercial, took a look at me and began to raise holy hell at the tv; "woo,woo,woo,Murph,Murph,Murph" he says. He fussed until the commercial went off.

We were howling. I said that apparently Murphy is telling us just what he thinks about dieting and WW! LOL; In speaking with the Murph, I asked him why didn't he like this commercial?

This is what he said;" Well, Mom, I love you just as you are, and we don't need no stinkin' diets 'round here! Besides, you know how crabby you get on those things, then you will want me to join you and be miserable too; hey, there is a reason the first three letters of diet are DIE!!!" He is right about that!!!

Point number two; Mr Murphy has long been against peanut butter! Yes, I know, some doggies love PB, but Murph will smell things before he eats them and he will usually turn up his nose to PB! I bought these Paul Newman PB treats for dogs; Niles loves them as do the girls. Murphy has only been known to eat the PB once in a blue moon, and I think that was because he had a cold and didn't smell it. So now when all the news about poison PB comes out, he looks at me and says, "I told you so" Yes, my Murphy, you were right about everything!

I know it is hard for some folks that do not have a Murphy to get such good advice, so he says that he will offer consultations for the cost of a mere plain flavor MilkBone to those of you who have need for his services, He says "You can reach me here through my mom" He also says he is thinking about getting his own blog! Yikes!


This Country Girl said...


I think you have a smart fella there...and he sure is cute!


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

oh our bullies we love them so!!!

Back in the Day said...

Our believe that all bullies are against dieting. They know it is something that will make us very ill and besides, Cane loves getting left overs so he doesn't want that nasty stuff either!

tam said...

Murphy you are awesome man! I do think you should start up your own blog!!! How fun would that be? Have a fantastic Friday~Smiles~Tam!

Jenn said...

Awww, can Murph come stay with "aunt Jenn" for a lil bit? The kids would eat him up:)

A Murphy blog? CANT WAIT!

Linda said...

Oh My Goodness! Murphy is like my grand doggy Brady. He woo hoo's at the bad guys in the TV shows!!

Well Donna said the 29th, but it has been in some stores since the 15th!!!!! It's in every store around here now but I refuse to buy it with my own coming and then the 6 complimentary copies. Maybe today will be my lucky day! LOL

CozyCoops Corner said...

Murphy is way too cute !

Best, Punchy! said...

Murphy?? With his own blog....SWeeeeeet

Come on over and visit me, I have a little something for you!

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Merrie ~ Please tell Murphy that I may be calling him in the not so distant future. We seem to be having a problem with my little pom, Bear...he just doesn't like to listen these days!


Ms. ~K said...

I like the way you think Murphy!!!
Diets are evil!!!

Anonymous said...

Murphy! You are one smart dude! I like to watch dogs and puppies on the TV even though the "experts" say we don't see TV .. they are so wrong!! But dude, you have got to come to join us in Peanut Butter Land. My gosh that stuff is wonderful! Its tasty, and sticky, and so much fun to eat. You take care, and stay out of trouble. Your blogging dog buddy, Cosmo

Anonymous said...


My Country Baby Murphy