Saturday, August 8, 2009

The One Eyed Guyz!!!

Here is something fun!! I was at WalMart recently picking up food and found these guys; they are called one eyed guys; I don't know why, but that is what they call them. They were ONLY 97 cents!!!! So, here they are!

So I brought them home because I figured we all needed some fun and even if they only lasted a few minutes, hey, it would be a few minutes of real fun for all of us. Murphy chose green man, Zoey chose the orange man and the Piz chose the yellow ( of course five minutes later, she "collected" ALL the little men and laid on top of them!LOL)
The truth is, they loved them and except for two mishaps; Zoey pulled a hole in the orange man's ear and Piz tried to "remove" the green man from the Murph's mouth ( never a good idea) which "removed" the green man's ear, they all are pretty much intact. They all have squeakers, which is a beloved sound to these mugz.
Later on,Murph ran to his "safehouse" AKA the chair in my bedroom; he played with green man for a long time. Then he came in to eat, and I tried to find green man, to no avail! i still have not found him! Piz is great at hiding things, but I do not think she even was near it at that point as she was busy throwing her baby off the back of the couch and then running around to get him back and starting the whole process again! She is active for sure; she loves to throw things!

Zoey loves her baby as well; she was so excited she just wiggled and wiggled! She loves babies:) Murphy likes to carry his around with him; I had to chase him down when he went out to potty as he took green man with him!! usually the one who does this type of thing is Zoey; not the Murph! Since green man was lost I went back to secure three more; and we now have a supply of the one eyes! LOL. These guys just love them and they are pretty good at not instantly destroying them. Now, if I could only find the hiding place of the original green man!! He is really in the one eyed witness protection program! I hope you enjoyed a look at the furkids and their babies. They are such good babies, they really are! I just love them!


Leslie ~ HarvestHomePrimitives said...

Oohhh, the pictures of your babies with their 'babies' is just soooo cute!! Our furbabies bring such love into our lives, don't they? I know I would be lost without mine!

Hope everything is going better for you. I think about you often and pray that life is better and that you are doing ok.

Thank you for your kind words today.

Have a great evening!

Parsley said...

How nice you got them new toys. We have a huge pile of dog toys with stuffing coming out of them. LOL

Deb said...

Those toys remind me of some my kids showed me called Ugly Dolls. Funny how something that looks kind of weird can end up being so cute.

Anonymous said...

Hi Merrie,
Love seeing the pics of the your furkids checking out their "one eyed guys"!! Too Cute!!
Piz sounds alot like my Chloe...she also loves to throw her toys off the sofa, then goes and gets it and starts all over again!

Yankee Ridge Primitives said...


Love them pics, their faces are so stinken cute I just wanna squeeze em.

Who is Piz and Sidney?

Lisa said...

That is so funny. Who ever said animals have no personality or feelings? Smart kids!!! I love that song that is playing too!!

Shari Kraft said...

Hey Merrie...
Did you see my Son's mural at UGA? He painted some really fabulous bulldogs. The pics are posted on my Cranapple Christmas blog...I really wanted you to see them.

Michele said...

I just love your babies..they're so precious! Glad they had fun with the one eyed fun for sure!


Shanda said...

Arent the silly little games the diggies play the best entertainment ever. I still have 2 puppies plus momma so that makes 5 doggies in the house with me at times. I love them all, but one is sold and will leave soon. It sounds like a lot to people I know, butg really it isn't much trouble at all. I wouldn't trade a day with themn for anything. Love to you and you sound happy and I love your story about your friends spirit for life, so beautifully written. think of you often,

Diane said...

My Penny would rip those to shreds, she has to have TOUGH toys to play with. The day I got her I gave her a humpty dumpty toy that belonged to my last dog,whod had it for years, when I came back into the room all i could see was stuffing everywhere and her with a look that said, Yes that was fun but its gone now, what next?

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