Friday, June 27, 2008

Introducing the Bully Babies

Well, this post should probably be more appropriately titled "Poopy Wednesday". First, I'll introduce you to the "bullies", and then I'll tell you THAT story!!!

To begin, bulldogs are like potato chips; you can't have just ONE! I will tell you how they MUST be introduced in public, by decree of the Murphy; Niles is the eldest, Sydney is the youngest, Zoey is in the middle, but Murphy is the "BABY" ( oh yes, he is too!)

We will start with Number One; Niles, he is 8 years old, he is the red and white bully in the pictures below. He is also called "Mister" and when he was little, "No-No Niles" ( at least that is what he thought his name was; he even had a dance to go with that name) Niles is very smart and wiley. He is the king of bullies. He says " all the girls love me" Well, they usually do. He is so sweet, but he has ADHD for sure. He loves McDonald's hamburgers, Plain Tim-Bits from Tim Hortons, MilkBones, and anything else he can scam frm his mom and dad.

Niles was lonely so we got Murphy who is now seven, Murphy is the baby at the top of my blog. He is fawn and white. Murphy loves the same things as Niles, with the exception of peanut butter ( which he likes some days but not others; LOL) Now, I love them ALL more than anything, but Murphy is my special little boy. Some of his nicknames are "Schmoo" "Momma's Boy" (he is and loves it) "Yella Fella" "Fee-Rocious" ( he's not, but we all have an ego, ya know) "Tater" ( cause of his tail, it is long like those tater wedges) " My little Sunshine Man" I love him so much. I have never known why he and I bonded so deeply, but we did. He was very ill when we got him as a pup, but because of the world's greatest vets in Oakville,Ontario,Canada he has become quite the big ole healthy bully. And his momma's love :)

Next we decided after a long interval, that we needed a puppy. Well, I searched around and found nothing available. I somehow wandered onto a website that had some breeder ads; ( never buy any dog from the pet store) I called one that was located in Indiana, right where we had originally come from. The lady was very nice; she had no "puppies" but, she did have a little girl who was 10 months old who had been a show dog. The show ring is picky I think, and so they didn't think she had a big enough head. Good Grief! Well, we weren't sure about this; a ten month old GIRL! We wanted a boy; they all seemed to get along, who knows what a girl would do to the brothers! ( They have always gotten along and loved each other so much! )

We went to see her; the minute I saw her I felt that she needed us to be her mom and dad. She has these big dark eyes that are hard to see as her face is dark. (You see, she had felt that show ring rejection I think. These bullies are smart, and very sensient. She lived with many show bullies) She was so sweet and wiggly! I laughed; she can't even walk in a straight line! She was just the most outwardly affectionate little girl. After some time, the breeder took us back to see her new line; she had some "baby" puppies. Well, this little girl did not want her dad to see those puppies. She followed him with her toy trying to engage him, to keep him from seeing those pups. I think she thought we would never take her if we saw those pups! This broke my heart when she did that. I had went there trying to be tough because I knew my hubby really wanted a baby baby as we call it. And, it is hard sometimes to make them fit in at later ages. Too bad, I melted! We both did I think. And so Zoey became our first princess. ( and SHE is!) She is called Zo-ey-Wo-wee, Princess Poops a Lotta, Zippy Zoey, Missy, and my baby girl.

The boys love her! She is the darkest one in the pictures.

And now, about three years later, we thought four is the optimum number. So we wanted a baby. I found a somewhat local breeder, but after visits and talking a while it didn't work out. They only wanted to part with one of their pups and we wanted a boy, so on we go. The funny thing about this is that I had called a breeder that was local sometime ago and didn't hear anything. So I forgot about it and went on with life. Funny how that goes. I was in a quilt shop waiting for my hubby to finish his guitar lesson. In talking with the clerk, she told me about another cool quilt shop just a little bit away. ( "I'm so there" is what I said ) While I'm talking with the clerk, my phone rings. Now, I'm so not into the cell phone thing, mine is usually just for emergencies, or to find shops. I don't generally walk around talking on them in public cause I hate that! I don't know why I answered it, (oh yes, I do; I put "Who Let The Dogs Out" on as my ringtone, for Mr. Niles, its his favorite song! ) and it is kinda annoying when you are trying to talk to someone!

It was this breeder I had contacted long ago; she wondered if we still wanted a puppy? What? Well, get this she is in the town just south of where the quilt shop was that the clerk had just told me about. Wow; was this meant to be or what? So, I picked up my hubby and we went to meet "the puppy" She had been sold prior, but the new owner got a new job out of town before he picked her up and so he decided not to take her after all. Now, I'm determined that this time I'm gonna be tough. That went right out the window when we walked in, I'm right behind the breeder, and she jumps up on the puppy gate. I see the most tremendously beautiful pair of eyes looking at me! I told hubby that he better sell everything he owned because she was too beautiful. When he saw her, he said the same thing. We visited her each weekend, and finally a check arrived that we were waiting for and home she came.

Her name was Miley, but I'm not that into Hannah Montana, so we called her "Bitsy" as in "a little bit of bulldog" and her "real name" is Sydney. She was born Dec 22,2007. She is a fiercely loving little girl. She loves her brothers and sister. And she loves us! She is the little brindle cuddling with Murphy on the couch. She eats everything; she has such a zest for life! Each new thing is greeted by " Oh My Goodness, that is the bestest thing in the world, I Love it! "

On to Poopy Wednesday; Almost every day "Daddy" takes the little girl out in the a.m. ( she is crate trained as is Zoey) He walks her around and she potties. Well, if she is really sleeping, he doesn't wake her, which is what happened Wednesday. She was zonked out in the crate, so Daddy let "sleeping Sydney lie" As soon as he left, Zoey, who usually sleeps in the living room with the boys, came busting in the bedroom demanding I get up. Now, Daddy tried to take her out, she wouldn't go! Well, I made the mistake of hiding under the covers. She decided that this was not right, so she banged on the crate and awakened Sydney, who started wailing.

In the past if you just ignored them for a few minutes after Daddy left, they would go back to sleep. Not on Poopy Wednesday! Suddenly I smelled something I knew was BAD!!! I jumped up, Murphy said the last time he seen me move like that was when the june bug flew off the ceiling and directly into my hair while I was trying to go to bed one night ( Oh, they're still laughing about that one, my babies are!)ran to the crate and there sat my baby Sydney; full of POOP!!!! When you look at that face, you can't be mad, but I do mutter under my breath sometimes about poop,pee and bully babies!

Oh, it was everywhere! In such a brief period of time!!!!!!!!!!!!! Out they went while I, the Queen of Poop Cleaning, took care of the mess. And Zoey was laughing to beat the band!!! Next time, mommy, you WILL get up when the Princess Zoey tells you to!!!! ARRRGH!

Now that is just a small snippet of the fun you can have with four babies. I love them anyways. The good, goofy things generally outweigh the bad. After all, they are my fur children!


Anonymous said...

I can so relate to "poop patrol" which is me and a bunch of plastic baggies picking up the poop in the back yard ... ugh!

I love your photos, too. Your dogs are really beautiful.

Merrie said...

Thank you for your kind comment; the poop patrol was so much fun when we lived in a more populated area so I can identify!!! We are lucky now they generally go out in the corn or wheat field and fertilize it!!! LOL

My Country Baby Murphy