Monday, June 23, 2008

Living in the country

Right now, while my bully babies are napping (well, three out of four) I thought I would tell you all about living in the country. At least from my perspective. I have lived in two countries now and four US states, in many types of living environments from apartments to houses and even mobile homes ( and I loved my first mobile home it was perfect!). The one thing they all had in common was that they were pretty much in a suburban area, surrounded by other residences.

That is why I chose to move out in the middle of nowhere. My "neighbors" are far enough away... and it is so peaceful here. My first night here, it scared me because when it gets dark here, it is DARK! But, go outside and look up; the stars are shining brightly, the moon often illuminates my yard and kitchen at night.

Last night, a lightning bug (firefly?) ( we called 'em lite-nin bugs) came to my sewing room window to show off his light. I had not seen one in a long time. Mr. Niles was interested in my story about lite-nin bugs, and he said he had not seen these kinds of critters before. Well, I talk to my bully babies and they answer me back so there!

Saturday I spent doing some planting in the front yard along the house. I am not a gardener, but I love plants and flowers, I'm trying to learn. Sunday, more of the same yard work and cleaning the front stoop. So I go in the back yard to sit on my swing ( my favorite summer thing, next to my bike) and I hear a noise behind me that sounds like hoof beats.

In the country, it could be hoof beats! Nope. Its two pheasants taking off from behind the lilac bush. They land in the wheat field at the edge of our property. Later, my hubby wants me to go to Tractor Supply with him ( I know it is too funny) and I keep hearing that sound pheasants make. Kinda sounds like someone strangling something! But I know it's really close. Being nosy, I tell hubby I'm going to find Mr. Pheasant. I walk over to the wheat, it is almost knee high. I'm fixin to throw a piece of rock in the field to drive him out, and all of a sudden, this big ole rabbit comes jetting right out at me, I scream, the pheasant flies out over me into the next field over. I laughed too hard after that. So that's just part of living in the country.

My other favorite thing is traffic jams. Round here, we do get in a few traffic jams, believe it or not. Sometimes three or four, even five cars ( usually pickup trucks) get all jammed up behind some big ole piece of farm equipment on a two lane road. Everytime I go down to the southern part of Michigan, especially Detroit, and running down I-75 I get reminded of what a real traffic jam is like. Them I don't like so much! LOL.

In closing for this post I would like to say this; I just heard that a motorcyclist was killed Sunday in the next town over and his female passenger was hurt badly. They weren't doing anything wrong, just sitting stopped at a red light enjoying the day until a 90 year old woman turned into the street they were sitting on crashing into them. I don't know these folks, but when you ride you are kind of in a big family. I just want to say I'm sorry to all the families involved, and to let others know; watch for us out on the street; especially in the Summer ( but some ride all year, so be aware ) And, if you have a relative that maybe shouldn't be driving, try to help all you can. I'm sure this lady feels terrible after this awful accident.
Even in the country, you have to be aware. Stay safe til next time and if you are a praying person pray for that motorcyclist and his family as well as his passenger and the driver that hit them. Thanks. Merrie


Anonymous said...

How funny about the pheasants and the rabbit. Sometimes, I wish I lived in the country ... but for the time being I am doomed to be a suburbanite with a crappy commute. I keep saying ... someday ... someday ....

Enjoy the nice weather! (the blog looks great.)

Merrie said...

thank you so much for visiting; anytime you are in our area, you are welcome to come experience the crazy country life!!!

Meg said...

Omgoodness!!!! THERE you are! I have been trying to figure out who to thank for the Rue La La invite! THANK you! Now I can read all about YOU! Yay!

Okay, now on to the good living in the country where it's so dark you can't see...been there, done that, LOVE it...and fireflies...."lite-nin" bugs indeed! I can't remember the last time I saw one of sad that is!

Your pheasant is hilarious, thanks for sharing and thanks again for reaching out to me!
YOU have yourself a fabulous day tomorrow and God Bless! I will keep the people you mentioned in my prayers.


Merrie said...

Thank you Meg; I am so glad for your visit! Everyone should read your blog it is so cool; especially your shopping and horsey exploits!!! Gotta love a Texas girl!

My Country Baby Murphy