Thursday, October 30, 2008

So Far Behind I Thought I Was First!

I swear time just gets away from me; I have to apologize to my blog friends; I have received some very nice awards and comments in this month; I have tried to get to everyone that leaves me a comment; if I have skipped you somehow, I sure do apologize! I have lost track of some things; so today I am trying to catch up! LOL!

Farmchick sent me this lovely award and I thank her! It means that this blog invests in the proximity ; meaning that we encourage a closeness with each other. I am supposed to pass it on to eight others; well, I think all of you deserve this because you ALL do encourage and support each other! I think there was another but I can't seem to find it! I will tell you that I have memory issues right now! LOL!!! Some kind of pre-menopausal memory thing or what! YIKES!!!!

Someone very kind sent me this award which I love! If it was you please remind me so I can credit you! EDIT; JUSTINA OF PEPER CREEK GAVE THIS TO ME; THANKS JUSTINA, YOU ROCK :)

I KNOW Miss Jenn from Bittersweet Prims and Fixins sent this to me; Thank you Jenn!!!! She is fantastic!

Well, if you sent me something that I forgot to post; would you be so kind as to email me or leave me a comment here? I sure do appreciate all of you and hope that you will continue to visit me here!


Peper Creek Gatherings said...

I gaVe you the KreaTiv Blogger award!.. silly girl.
Don't worry..I forget about them too! I know how time slips away also.. it's already halloween! Justina

Peper Creek Gatherings said...

Thanks for the eye lash adhesive tip.. we couldnt find anything in the halloween department for adhesive.. that eyelash stuff would work.. Thanks again!

Kathy said...

Congratulations on all your awards.

My Country Baby Murphy