Thursday, October 23, 2008

We Gots Nummies!!!

Well, yesterday we got a nummy package in the mail! From the Sandy Dog Bakery! PIZZA BONES!!! From the minute I ordered them from her etsy store; the babies were all excited; Bitsy kept going over and sticking her head in the printer tray to see if the nums would come out! (I had told them I was getting them nummies from their friends at the Bakery!) She says everything else comes out of that place when Mom is on the computer!

Murphy says he LOVES his nummies!

Niles and Bitsy say "GIVE US A BONE!!" Zoey refused to be photographed for this as she requires notice and a photo without other siblings! LOL! She has her rules about having her photo taken; I swear they all have such funny temperaments and they are all different.

They all LOVED their bones and recommend that all their fur friends go on over to the Sandy Dog Bakery and get some nummies

This is Sandy from the Sandy Dog Bakery; isn't he cute ? He and his Mom bake these beautiful treats ( I believe he also has a brother too! Just as cute!)
Visit their blog and etsy soon!!! There are so many great dogcentric articles by Sandy's Mom and How-Tos for caring for your fur baby; Lots of great information; Stop by and say hello! These treats would make great holiday stocking stuffers for your canine friends and fur kids!


Shari Kraft said...

Too cute!

Merrie. said...

That Sandy is adorable isn't he; his mom just loves him so much! I don't think I have seen a pic of his sibling yet, but I am sure he is as adorable as this lil guy! But I am a big doggie lover; love all things dog! Merrie


awwwww....thanks so much! you're the best! glad to hear the bones were a hit!! :)

Tracey said...

Your dogs are so cute, especially bby Murphy. You spoil them too!!!! My dog Bailey, a golden retriever if he gets a dog biscuit from Meijers. He is a cute do though. I also love the way you decorated your porch. You have a lot of good stuff. How did you get the pumpkins piled up like that. They are adorable.

Back in the Day said...

The Bullys really seems to enjoy their treats! Cane is the same way - he has certain rules that we must abide by when it comes to his pictures! Gotta love them though!

Tracey said...

Boy, you have some lucky dogs. Do they like the Yummies? My dog probably would to but he gets dog biscuits from a box. You are a good dog mom... Hugs Tracey

Anonymous said...


My Country Baby Murphy