Thursday, December 4, 2008

Back Again

Whooo; that was a looooooong pause there. Sorry to be away so long( and I did visit some folks and read you all in my reader on Google); but I had a project that I worked on almost non-stop to get done by Thanksgiving; I did get it done and will be posting a picture!
And Niles has been having problems with eye infections; we are now taking ALL our pups to Dr. Rita Taylor, who is the best bulldog (and any breed or cat) veterinarian in the world! She has been able to figure out the problem when no one else could; I am so mad because so much damage could have been avoided had the other vets not acted like it was a run of the mill thing.

Dr. Taylor is also the "grandma" of our puppy Bitsy; her sweet boy Tuffy was /is Bitsy's daddy. I saw was because apparently he has passed away.We did not learn this until we took Niles in for his eyes; she was so heartbroken and could not even discuss it; she began to cry and we did too. I felt so bad for her and still do; she has Bitsy's sister and two other bullies as well, but when it is your baby it's just not the same. You all know what I am talking about. We took my Murphy with us yesterday to visit her (Niles recheck) She seemed to just love him and said he reminded her of her Tuffy. I told her that anytime she is feeling down she can come and visit with the Murph for some canine therapy. She had her bully girl named "Meri" there and we met her; she was such a doll!! We are so glad to have finally found a bully vet who understands our devotion to our bullies and also understands their needs as well. Bulldogs are a wildly different type of dog and have some definite physical issues that many vets are not aware of as they may not see many bulldogs through their practice.

I have something new to share too; a really nice site for sewers ( quilters and stitchers) The Stitching Cow; she has some freebies and has some really great things on her site;

Click here to discover more about this beautiful quilt

She has online classes available too; but go visit Lenna Green at the Stitching Cow and you will be amazed!

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tam said...

Hi Merrie! So glad to see you back in blogland! I hope you sweet doggie recovers 100% real soon! My daughter works a a verts office I get to hear stories about all the animals that come in. Very interesting! And thanks for the post about the website! I will be checking that one out for sure-Hope you have a nice weekend!
!Tam :D

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