Sunday, December 14, 2008

Help Is Needed Here in Blogland


Happy Sunday! I have been out lurking on blogs again and I found these things on some blogs I visited. The first one is very near and dear to my heart.

The first one is about this sweet precious dog Hope;

Hope is in desperate need of sponsors. She was found emaciated and will die. She came in from the Auglaize County Pound and is heartworm positive. A temporary foster has come forward, but the money for her treatment must be raised. If you can help this girl, please donate by paypal or send a check to APLMC, P.O. Box 663, Celina OH 45822. Please mark that is it for HOPE!!

My friend ANGIE of Love the prim look is trying to help this poor dog. Angie is graciously donating the cost of her wonderful lights (100%) of all funds received to this poor baby. They are scented and primitive wonderful! You are going to want some for your tree and year round prim decorating; she has colors and scents that are fab!!! This is what Angie has said; "Any light orders 20 count brown cord ($6.50 plus shipping) and any 35 count brown cord ($9.99 plus shipping ) will be 100 % donated to this dog. Please contact me at with any orders. Please let me know what color and scent you prefer. Thank you so much in advance and God Bless you for helping !!! "

Also Sue of OODLEKADOODLE PRIMITIVES is making donations from the sale of her patterns also; please visit her for more details;

And PEA PICKER'S PRIMITIVES has offered a free pattern for posting this to help Hope; visit patternmart for her pattern offerings. She will also give you an entry into her contest as well for posting this on your blog.

The SECOND THING I FOUND: While you are at it please stop by PEA PICKER"S Blog and help her find her new name for her creative endeavor; she feels that she needs a new spark, so let's help her find her new name; she is also offering goodies as a prize; so hop on over, she'll be waiting.

Please patronize these ladies whenever you wish to buy an item as they are very generous ladies that are trying to help the world whenever and wherever they can; one at a time. If each of us did one little thing, can you imagine how much real change and good we could do. Most of us can't afford to do a lot, but if we each do a little we sure can do some great things, what an inspiration these ladies are!

I hope that HOPE finds a new forever home and that she is healed. All dogs (and cats) deserve a loving,forever home. Please let people know about this, post it on your blog and let Pea Picker know as she will put it in her giveaway as one entry for you. And I know that the reason we all do this is not for the prizes, but for the love of a dog.

Dogs are very special to me; they give us unconditional love; they look to us for the basics really; shelter,food,love. They give us their all. They serve to protect us daily on the police forces and armed forces of this country. They risk their lives to protect and save us. They ask for nothing, yet give us all they have and all they are. We need to protect them in return. Hug your doggie today. If you need gifts for Christmas, please consider shopping at the Animal Rescue site on my blog; they have fantastic gift itmes that are priced great and often they will offer free shipping. The money from this site goes to shelters to help dogs and cats,horses etc.

You can buy immunizations for a shelter dog as a unique gift there too; and if you can't really afford to spend anything extra; put the button on your blog and click it daily, by doing so, you are funding a portion of food each day for a shelter animal.

My babies are just that; my babies. I get really upset and often cry over stray dogs, it is such a committment to have a dog; people don't realize that these are NOT fashion accessories; and they are NOT for sport! FYI: DOG FIGHTING IS NOT A SPORT: IT IS TORTURE! If I had my way Michael Vick would be spending the rest of his life in a prison; even that seems too good for him. What kind of jackass says "it is my cultural heritage to fight dogs" ? If that is your cultural heritage then you need to find a NEW CULTURE! Oh what a shithead! Whoops! My lil ole' redneck is showing again!!! LOL!

Okay back to sanity; lets do all we can for our babies and help those less fortunate!

This one makes me laugh;
funny pictures of dogs with captions
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This one makes me cry! But it is so true

funny dog pictures


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Pea said...

Thank you for posting for Hope and about my contest.
You get a free pattern so hop over to pattern mart and look at patterns and see which one you want.
email me at
Thanks again I know hope sends ya a kiss!

Back in the Day said...

Thanks for posting about all of this! You are right - this is terrible what they are doing to these animals! I couldn't imagine!
You did make me laugh at your "red neck side" Mine is always showing!

Train Wreck said...

Thats not Redneck, thats smarts! I too am a softee for animals. I hate to see them abused or neglected. No excuse for it. NONE! Some people are just ignorant. Plain and simple. I will check out these ladies. SOunds like great hang outs! I am back home and catching up on all my posse! Happy Holidays are a comin!

Anonymous said...

Hi Merrie,
So sad about Hope. It is so hard to believe that someone could do such terrible things to an animal.

About the Christmas books in my post...I'm not sure which one you were talking about, so I giving you info on both of them.

Thimbleberries Finishing Touches for Christmas, by Lynette Jensen

A Country Christmas, this book is in a series of 17 books called: Anerican Country by Time-Life Books

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
Hugs, Cindy

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Awwww, Merrie! That just tears me up! I hope she can be saved!

Have a great week, sweetie!

Mandie said...

Happy Happy Holidays!

Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday and bright new year!


tam said...

Very good post! Stopping by to wish You and Your Family a Very Merry Christmas!

tam said...

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas! We did-lol! Happy New Year Dear Blogging Buddy!~Smiles~Tam!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Hi Merrie, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, thank you so much for the darling christmas card, it was so sweet of you! have a great New year! hugs!!

AnnaSam said...

LOVE YOUR REDNECK SIDE!!! Thanks so much for sharing and having so much compassion! Have a blessed day!

Shanda said...

Hi Merrie, Thank you so much for the Christmas card. I had a wide smile spread over my face when I took it from the mail box. It was such a neat surprize to recieve. My mom is loving her puppy and so is pop. He is living on a diet of boiled hamburger and rice. I told ya that dog hit the doggie lottery. My mom said today that she heard my dad saying to him in a baby voice "did my little boy miss me". He really does like him ever bit a much as momma does. I am so happy. My moms depression has turned around almost over night. thank God I had the insight to get her that puppy. I love my dog lover friends because I know they truly know where I'm coming from.

My Country Baby Murphy