Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poor Niles

Poor Niles; He says "What's a bully to do?" He was hiding out in the crate one day and his younger sister "the Piz" decided to lock him up in "Dog-a-Traz" LOL!!! Niles says " and THIS is how they treat me, first my bratty sister shuts me up in here and THEN my mom takes a picture of it!" "Funny mommy, I am surprised you could take the picture as hard as you were laughing!" "Look at my face, do I appear to be laughing, HUH?" "Oh great, now she's putting it on her blog, could someone please call my lawyer and my agent!!!?"

Sorry Niles; but you WERE complaining about Murphy getting all the publicity!!! I love ya Niles!!!
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My Country Baby Murphy