Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sad Day at Dogster

In loving memory of Jake,Nari,and Joey who went to the Rainbow Bridge on May 28.2009. (Image from Dogster) Hoping there are endless toys,bones and lots of friends there for you all. I know you will be missed by your family greatly.

This is Nari (above)

This is Jake (above)

This is Joey (above)

Today I opened my email to find a sad notice from Dogster. A family's THREE dogs were poisoned by someone with antifreeze and all were lost. You can read all about it here:

I am truly sickened by the evil in this world. Many years ago I had this happen to me not once but twice. My Irish Setter was poisoned by a neighbor who was a wife beater and child abuser; I had helped his wife get help and food and medicine for her children, he was a dirty low life and took it out on my dog. (I did get him later though; I am NOT a turn the other cheek type; I bashed in the headlights on his car and the windshield and I flattened every tire he had!)

The second time; my beautiful Great Dane Arielle died; I thought it was heat exhaustion; we took her to the vet and found out that she was poisoned; then the little mixed stray I named Killer; he was a doll; but little and thought he was a big dog; he loved Arielle and she loved him; became ill; I thought maybe he was mourning the loss of her, but no, he also had been poisoned and the vet said we had to put him to sleep. I was so broken over this whole incident. I never could prove who really did it, but I had a suspicion that our elderly female neighbor had done this as she had been trouble from the first day we moved in. She once called the police on my kids, who were very young then, for, get this, playing in the dirt inside our OWN fenced in YARD!!! The police, they did nothing; animals just don't rate any help. Which makes me sick!

We now live in the country and each time I think I might like to move to a town, I remember these things and think I'll just stay put. I am so angry that some idiot would kill these animals; society is just getting worse and worse. And even if they find this idiot; they really won't do much. I'll tell you why; the morons who often show up for jury duty are just that; morons! I will tell you why I think that; here in Huron County,MI there was a horrific case of a gigantic asshole who thought he would teach his neighbor's PUPPY a lesson about not wandering on to his farm; so he tied the dog to the bumper of his truck and dragged that puppy home; damn near killing it; its paws were almost completely burned off from the road rash; he drove at highway speeds!

The dog was in great pain; the vet was able to work on it and save its life. This asshole was charged with something like animal cruelty and you know what; the idiots on the jury let him go!!!! Now,you may be a great juror and very good at it; but these jerks should ALL be drug behind a truck themselves. You know the way a society treats its animals shows a lot about that society.

I am beside myself with anger. I can feel the pain of these folks. You know to live among others and not know who would do such a thing to a poor defenseless animal; well it is very hard. I hope that you all that read this might drop over to Dogster and leave a note for the family; if you go to their page; there is an envelope icon there to leave a note. I think everyone on my blog list is an animal lover and I know that you all love your furbabies as much as I love mine.
I am sorry to bring you such sad news, but the world is so full of meanness; we must all be on guard. And we must all make sure to give our kindness and love to combat the evil. So hug ALL your babies; human and canine,feline,equine etc. Let them know you love them every day.


Shari Kraft said...

Oh Merrie! THAT is the saddest thing I have heard in awhile. I just don't understand people. I love animals. This morning I was driving to town. I live in a very rural town is about 35 miles away. Anyway....I ran over a little lizard trying to cross the road. I swear...I cried. God's creatures are precious no matter WHAT they are.

This Country Girl said...


It's hard for me to even comprehend that people can be so mean! I worry about our society sometimes! You can tell alot about a person by the way they treat children, elderly and animals! I'm so sorry for all that happened with your animals and for this family with the 3 dogs!


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Sick, sick, sick people, I cannot even wrap my brain around anything so pure evil. it makes me sick!

Lisa said...

This makes me absolutely sick. I worry about my dogs when they go outside, but for people to do something so mean. I think if people can do that to animals, what will they do to a poor little helpless child?

Annie and the other girl thinks we need to take a stand against meanness...

Anonymous said...

Hi Merrie,
I'm so sorry to hear about what happen to these dogs...and I feel so bad for the owners as I know these aborable dogs where like children to them.
We have had a story on our local news for weeks now about a serial dog killer and they have not been able to catch him. When we first heard the story...they had found 15 dogs in a ditch along some country road that had been killed. These were people's pets that had come up missing...the police ask for dog owners with missing pets to bring in photos as they were trying to let them know if any of the dogs were theirs. They have found more dogs since then, but I'm not sure how many more...and they still do not know who is doing this. This is very scary with it being in the next small town over from us...we will not let Chloe outside into her fenced- in area without one of us out there with her. I hope they catch who-ever is doing this soon.

Yankee Ridge Primitives said...

So very sad!

I cant believe this, just cant even imagine!!

OMG, I can so see you beating the headlights and tires - sounds like something I would do!!!! We're too much alike!

Kim's Treasures said...

That is sooooo sad! We had an incident too with a wife and child abusing neighbor, he shot our lab with a bb gun. We thought she had a tumor and the vet said no she had most likely been shot by a bb gun or pellet gun. After the we discovered the bump our dog would bark with raised hair at the neighbor and growl at him and she was suddenly afraid of men and squirt guns. We ended up having to move and bought a house still in the suburbs but on a 1/2 acre lot. Now she has lots of freedom and no worries about neighbors. People are horrible sometimes! I just don't understand it!

Think of Emma today, she is being spayed by Dr. Wilson! I met another big english bulldog boy there today! Boy was he cute! Big and white! Oh how I love these dogs!!!


Farmchick said...

Oh my...that is horrible and makes me incredibly sad. As an animal lover I really feel for the family.
Stop in for a visit soon.

My Country Baby Murphy