Sunday, November 9, 2008

Catching up again!

Another generous blogger is having a giveaway! Ann of This Simple Life has opened a site to sell her beautiful prim/country items; please go to her site and leave her a comment; I am not sure how long this one is up for; I have probably somehow missed that info! Here is what she says about the giveaway:" You could win, 7 Christmas ornaments, two fall hand towels, two prim note pads, a big stack of prim hang tags and mini shaker style peg rack candle holder and a gift certificate for free shipping plus 10% off on any single order you make from my site"

Looks so wonderful doesn't it?

The next thing is I was sent an autumn award from Lisa at Cranberry Flats; she is a great bloggy friend! So here is the award she sent to me; Thank you Lisa! And then you have to name five things you want to do but haven't done yet;
So here it is; well that is hard!!!!

1. Go to Ireland and England,Scotland.
2. Live in Texas ! Yeah baby!
3. Live in Georgia and/or Florida! ( Love them Georgia Bulldogs!:>))( okay anywhere South; I did live in Tenn. for a while; my family was from Tenn)
4. Lose weight; LOL
5. Visit all my blog friends in real life
I was gonna say win the lottery; that way I COULD do ALL of these!!!
I don't know who has this or not??? If you don't and you are reading this; YOU ARE TAGGED!!!! LOL!!! Thanks Lisa, I loved reading your list!


tam said...

I just love reading the answer to the questions for these awards! It is such a fun way to get to know more about our blogger buddies! Thanks for the heads up about the give away too!
~Tam :)

Linda said...

LOL - yup - winning the lottery would help!!

Jenn said...

For some reason you were off my blog roll. In fact, I had to re-add about 6 bloggers this morning.
I dont know whats happening! I havent deleted anyone, just noticed I havent seen a recent post from them and had to frantically look around to find them again.

Loose weight.....ah, thatd be so nice:)

How ya been?

Jenn said...

My word verification for my last comment was....

"amerries" <~~~HA!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Just stopping in to say Hi!! Kisses to the mugs!

Lisa said...

lose weight is my mantra. No one knows, but it is my mantra. I cannot say it enough!!!!

CindyDianne said...

What a great list of "want tos" you have! We share #1 and when you are ready for #2, let me know. I might can help smooth the transition!

My Country Baby Murphy