Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Diane's Giveaway

Woo; Y'all have to go over to Diane's Blog; "Where the Foxgloves Grow" ( formerly Dianes Much Loved Prims) and enter to win her lovely giveaway that she handcrafted. There is time as she is not drawing until early December! She has done a lot of work on her blog making it so beautiful, so if you have not visited in a while, or have never visited, please do; you will love it. This prim dress will be sent from Scotland; imagine how cool that is: Diane made it herself and it incudes the prim hanger too! Wow! She is such a good blog friend and I want her to have lots of comments to sort through.

Of course, I want to win, but if not me, then one of you friends will be just right okay with me! Have fun visiting with Diane!


Linda said...

I love the story abou the boys on Halloweeen!! I bet that was a hoot to see them greeting everyone!!

Diane said...

Hi Merrie, thanks for visiting and being the first one to be in the giveaway. The dress looks better in real life than in the pic! Good luck ...x

Meg said...

Hi Merrie! Hope you are well sweetie...sorry I have been so lax...I am trying to do better!!!! I will pop over and see Diane...thanks!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

How cute! Thanks for posting about this Merrie! I have not visited her yet, but I will.

Have a great day!

Lisa said...

What do you say we just fly on over to Scotland and pick the dress up ourselves?

Diane said...

Hi Merrie,

So, do I air the beds and make sure no doggies are asleep on them, if you and Lisa are coming to visit or are a few dog hairs ok with you? Lol And no fighting over the dress when you get here Ha Ha

My Country Baby Murphy