Thursday, March 19, 2009

Playing catchup!

Well, here he is; my Irish bully Murphy!!!! LOL!; He is such a good fella. I named him Murphy because he looked like he was going to be a prize fighter, especially with his health issues. He was just a little fella. I hoped by giving him a name like Murphy he would grow strong into his name as an Irish prize fighter; LOL! He sure did! He is such a sweet little boy who is the world to his mom. You could never find a bigger heart than my boy has, nor could you find a better example of unconditional love. I wish that human beings could love the way dogs do. They don't play games with your head or your heart. They don't cheat on you, nor do they compare you to anyone else. They are always so in to you! And they just don't care what you look like or how much you weigh as long as you love them and feed them! Hurray for doggies!

I did go to the Pig in the Poke show on Saturday in Nashville,MI. I also went to the shop by that name. I did not buy anything.For a couple of reasons: Some of the wares were a bit high for me as I am on a budget (and then some!). And then there is the husband factor; when he is with me I often second guess myself and feel intimidated by his tastes in items, not that he doesn't let me do what I want, but because I get wound up and want to make our home beautiful!!! The other element is that I can make many of the things offered, and I do like to spend money with my Michigan stores/crafters as much as possible because our economy is really bad!

There were many fine things there and so many neat vendors. I did not take any photos because I am a nut!!! Well, I think sometimes I am just overwhelmed and then later I realize that I forgot to take pictures. I did stop at my favorite quilt shop, The Hen House on the way to the show, Nancy was off sewing; how fun is that, but I met a sweet lady named Rhonda. While we were talking, another lady entered also looking for Nancy. We all joked about that for a minute, then somehow we began discussing the show, and guess what?? I was talking to Jackie; she is one of the ladies Linda, of Primp your Pad at Gathered Treasures, helped with arranging her home!!! We have all seen the photos on Linda's blog! I wish I could get Linda over here! So we began to talk and she was so sweet, we exchanged email addresses and I gave her my blog address, she thinks she may have been here before; how cool is that? So then they told me a shortcut to the show. It was perfect and a nice country drive.

After the show, I had it in my mind to go to Quincy, the location of The Old Granary! We had to make a quick stop in Battle Creek at Sweetwater's Donut Shop. My husband had seen it on some food program, so we went and got a dozen and a coffee cup for his collection. Then on to Quincy. Joann is the nicest shopkeeper you will ever meet! She and two other ladies were in the shop that day. They were so much fun! They told me I just missed meeting Lori of the Ole Primitive House. They laughed because they said we were so much alike, they would love to see us together!!! LOL! I can't help it, I am funny!!! Now, I am not funny on purpose all the time, but I do have a good sense of humor about life. And I am not shy or quiet. I tried to be for a while, but it ain't me!!! I'm loud and I'm proud of it!!! I am not ever mean to people; unless they hurt an animal or do something mean. I believe in making life fun. You all need to go visit the Old Granary! She has a pictutetrail; I will have to locate the link. I just love to go to these shops. I got a little mouse someone else made, some of the most wonderful smelling tarts; Sweet Annie scent! And some paint from Old Century for my cabinet in a nice prim brown.

I love getting out and meeting people. One of the ladies at the Old Granary, Robbie, I think her name was, said she had read my blog!!! That was so nice; she does not have a blog; maybe she will get one sometime, but I don't care as long as she wants to visit, she is sure welcome. She was such a nice person too and I hope to hear from her again! I am glad that all of you come and visit, I love yoour comments and enjoy reading your blogs too.

Currently I am thinking about how to do a prim tour/quilt shop tour by bus of some of Michigan's prim/quilt/antique shops! I wonder how much interest there would be in such a tour? I think it would be great to let someone else drive while we have fun and laugh and eat!!!No parking worries and a big ole' bus bay to store larger treasures!!! I am really interested in increasing the tourism in my area and I want to open my own prim shop. We have nothing here locally to speak of. And Michigan's economy is so bad, I would like to do my part, however small to help it . I love all these shops and have a vested interest in keeping them open! LOL! So send me your thoughts, I would love to hear your ideas!

On that note; I was saddened to hear yesterday that Krispy Kreme Donuts is closing their Flint location this Sunday!!!! HOWLLLL of disappointment!!! Now Flint is not EVEN close to me, but we made trips to Flint to shop and GO TO KRISPY KREME!!!! Now I will have to drive to Troy which is sooooo not close!!!!! Darn it all!!!!! I LOOOOOVE those donuts and the grocery store ones are NOT even close to getting them at the KK store!!!!!! So good when the HOT light is on!!!!!! I think the East Lansing one is going too; I'll be checking on that too as it is a little closer ( and I go to a quilt shop there on occasion and Williams Sonoma too!)

I hope you all had a great week; I have been having some kind of intestinal bug and back pains! Today feels a little better; I just refuse to be sick!!!!! I could NOT even enjoy that 70 degree day Tuesday!!! Hurry up Spring!!: And congrats to Jane of Jane's Fabrics on her new grandbaby!!!!
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Kim's Treasures said...

Glad you enjoyed your show! I am the same with when hubby is with me. (He doesn't always have my And if it comes to crafts, I end up telling myself that I can make that! You are so right the economy here is awful! I hope it gets better sooner rather than later! Murphy is so darn cute! I am so in love with my Emma, I cannot believe how awesome bulldogs are! I heard they were but until you have one, it's like a whole new dog world!

I will be emailing you!

Feel better!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Good old Murph, Sophie ate something she should not have and had to have surgery, but that can be a puppy for ya, it was strange with her gone. thank you for the congrats on our new little one, what a dream come true!! Heaven on earth! oxxo

basketsnprims said...

Merrie ~ I so wanted to go to Pig in the Poke but it is quite a distance for us to travel. It would be so fun to meet some fellow bloggers & some of the vendors. I would love to visit the Old Granary as well. Maybe this summer Simon & I can take a few days & bum around "down south" Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Merrie,
Love the photo of Murphy. Sound like you had a great day and alot of fun!!

tam said...

Hello Merrie! Sounds like you had a ton of fun! Lucky girl! I think a shop would be a good idea and how much fun could that be! I say listen to that little voice inside that tells you what to do-follow your dreams girl! Hope you have an awesome weekend~and feel better soon~Tam! :D

Linda said...

Murphy is a great dog. Not one of my silly little doxies would go for that headband. He's a prince!
Your week sounds much more exciting than mine. We are so busy with the yard work and with Mike off work, we are getting it done! Gardening soon!!!!!

Train Wreck said...

Oh you made me get all teary!! I love you my friend. Believe me I don't do to many crazy things. I am too chicken! No really I am. he he I think of you and your bullies too. When I see a bulldog I always think of you. I even bought a Valentine card cuz it had a bulldog on it. Yep I had every intention of sending it too? I am so bad at mailing. We live out of town, and unless I have to do the dreaded "grocery shopping" I am at home. Thank you for your warm thoughts. I am so blessed to have found you through this blog world. Who know maybe out of the blue you will recieve a Valentines card?? (wink)

My Country Baby Murphy