Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Christmas Cruiser and assorted other fun things!

Sparkle, the Christmas Cruiser, is ready to jump in if Rudolph can't perform his sleigh pulling duties; the extra lights will sure be useful if the weather turns bad for Santa and four wheel drive never hurts for those unpredictable landings In addition that big ole trailer hitch in the rear will be able to tow along lots of goodies for everyone! Doesn't Sparkle look happy?

Murphy says "So whaddaya got to do to get some turkey 'round here?"

This is Murphy's PINK Christmas tree! He really loves it!!

I just made these from things I had around the house; both inside and out! The pine branches are from my trees in my yard, and I always have Mason jars. They really smell great and cost nothing. I tied on a homespun bow and added two rusty jingle bells to the ends.

I also cut some additional branches and wired them together complete with a Canadian flag bow that I had purchased years ago for Canada Day. I tied it to a pole that is right behind Mr. Niles' grave so that he would have something special. (He was Canadian born, I am in my heart:) I found out that tears will freeze on your face indeed. Hope you are all staying safe and warm!!


Anonymous said...

So glad that you got the Christmas Cruiser ready just in case Rudolph and Santa need you!! And I love Murphy's pink tree!!! Love the pine branches in the mason jars too!!

Nezzy said...

How very clever the little jars are. I love their simply rustic look. Yes, Merrie sadly tears do freeze in the cold! I'm sure Mr. Niles' is pleased. Ya keep safe and warm in that big old four wheel drive Santa sleigh!

Have a fantastically blessed weekend sweet lady!!!!

Train Wreck said...

HELLO! It has been too long. Love your little prim jars. I love the smell of fresh pine. Hopefull we will get our tree this week? I hope all is well with you. Missed you.

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Hi Merrie! So good to see a post from you.
I love your little prim mason jars. I still need to add some greeneery to my decor. Just love the fresh scent of it, but it dries out fast here.
You take care of yourself and in case you don't make it back here again before, have a wonderful, blessed Christmas!

Diane said...

loved those jars with the pine branches, very creative, Murphey looks grumpy, dont you feed him??? Ha ha

Diane said...

thanks for coming to my new blog, cant believe that xmas is next week, there will just be Stewart,me and Lewis , Lisa is going to her mums. I Knew it, poor Murph, never getting fed, never getting any rubbies , why is it dogs put on just that face?? lol lol

prashant said...

I love Murphy's pink tree!!! Love the pine branches in the mason jars too!!

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