Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye to the first decade of the millenium!

The news shows all say "its the end of the first decade of the millenium" It has been a hard ten years, and yet there were many bright moments as well.We moved to Canada in January of 2000. We brought Niles home in February of 2000. My sweet man! In June 2001, I lost my son to an asthma attack, the US was attacked in September.Then we brought the Murphy home in October 2001. This year saw the loss of Niles in June and my husband left to find his way in July. See the contrast? Good, and horrible juxtaposed against one another.

That's what life is. This past year has put many of us here in blogland to the test. I read somewhere that we experience these trying times as God is trying to strengthen us. That may be true, but golly, I am about strong enough now to pick up Sparkle and carry him around my yard! LOL!

What do I plan for the next year? I plan to follow where I am taken, to accept what I have, live without what I don't and just be happy in the moment. I plan to make the decision each day to be happy in the face of whatever comes my way. I plan to continue to love my friends, make some new ones and find my place. I am going to make a new career for myself and move on into a new decade with hope and optimism that better things await me in the new decade to come. I will always love my bullies and try each day to make their life the best ever; and be the kind of person they think I am. I am no longer looking back. I am moving forward quickly and letting the past hurts and sadness go. I will love again and trust again.That is a work in progress. But I am okay.

I still mourn for my baby Niles and my son Joseph. These are the things that happen to us in life and we have to honor them by living a good life, continuing to love and opening our hearts to possibilities. I will never forget these hurts, but will let them strengthen me and my resolve to find a better way.

The bullies and I say "BULLY NEW YEAR" to all of you!!!!!


Nezzy said...

Good for you. I like your attitude girl. My heart goes out to you with all the pain you have lived through but your pushing forward. Bully to you, you go girl!!!

Have a wonderful New Year and may God bless ya'll!!!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Happy New Year Merrie! Glad I got a chance to see you over the holidays. Keep moving forward - it sure beats going backwards. God bless, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Loved your post today. I so love your outlook on is words that we all should live by.
Happy New Year, my friend!!

Angie said...

Happy New Year~your words are inspiring!

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Merrie, you have the right attitude! Bless your heart, you have been through so much, its hard to imagine being able to stand it all. But the Lord is good and He makes a way, always.
I pray that this New Year brings you many blessings & the happiness you so deserve.

sea gull lighting said...

Lets hope everyone has a better 2010!

JenW!~ said...

Here's hoping 2010 is better for all of us. I do love your new attitude. Merrie you rock in my book.

Leann said...

It sounds like you have a great attitude going into the new year. I sincerely pray you will continue on a positive path. Sometimes the lessons are difficult. We may not understand or appreciate the lessons but someday, hopefully, will, even if not on this plain.

Blessings to you.

My Country Baby Murphy