Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Great Giveaway

Look what I found at Joann's blog today : She is offering these goodies; hurry on over to The drawing for this give away will be held September 19th, 2008! Good Luck everybody!


This Country Girl said...


It's another great giveaway, isn't it? I just won Colleen's giveaway, so I'd probably be pushing it....if I wished to win this one, wouldn't I? (naaa!)

You asked about the shutters for across a window. I'm assuming you mean the ones that usually go along the bottom half of a window for privacy? Let me know for sure what you mean and we'll let you know what we could do. If you'd rather email can do email addy is listed in my profile.

Thanks so much for stopping by...I always enjoy your comments!

Give the little furry friends a hello for me! :)


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