Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall Giveaway at the Pickled Pepper Patch

Hi everyone; well I found another great generous blogger; her name is Char; her blog name is The Pickled Pepper Patch; she has a great blog! This is the link for the giveaway:

Here is her description of the goodies:

"Here are the goodies for my giveaway. It includes everything shown: A Medium-sized Breadboard, 2 aged wooden spoons, a navy blue wooden bowl, and 3 of my scented, handmade, fabric Cinnamon Buns! (The flour is not included, but if you would like that added to your package...I can arrange it!) "

Good Luck to everybody!! And check out her blog while you are there; very nice!!!


This Country Girl said...

Thanks for the heads up on this, Merrie!

Have a great week !

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Ok, so first I put this on my blog, what a dope!!

Hi, The fur girls are playing tug-a-way with the pacifier. The puppy takes it and Millie Chases her all over. When she gets it, she hides it under her tummy. Also, my daughter was thrilled with her goodies. Thank you again. Yes, I spent to much money with my fabric rep. but I just had to have it!! Hugs, Jane

Shanda said...

Those cinn buns look so real. I bet they smell good too. That is amazing, I have never seen such a thing, how cool.
One of these day when I figure out this new computer and my printer scanner, I'm gonna email you an old picture of my bullie I had back in the eighties. I bought her from a kennel as a retired breeder. It was the only way I could ever afford a bullies and b esides I was happy to have her. She didn't play at all but she was sweet and a little stinky at times. I think she spent most of her life in a small crate and she really didn't know how to interact much. She lived to be pretty old too. I miss her, her name was Hootie. Good luck with the etsy shop, I ahve one too but I only have 4 things listed for now, but someday day I hope to have my craft room done and do it full time. I can't wait for all this work and travel to be done. I have so much on my mind and so many thiungs I would like to start. I am rearing up at the starting gate and I need someone to opoen it for me so I can run run run.
I gotta run now,

Diane said...

Hi Merrie, thanks for that info on changing my blog, I dont have time to look at it today but willl get to it in a couple of days, I need all the help I can get LOL :] A Munroe is a mountain over 5000 feet. Not something I want to be going up, it's freezing up there and often snowing too. My mum and step dad love it up these mountains, but its not for me, id rather walk along our beach.
Take care...x

Jenn said...

What a tard I am, I posted this over on my blog....

YES! It is poisonous to animals and humas if consumed in large amounts. The kids dont really bother with it, but the berries do drop off if bumped into or whatever so you are playing it safe with buying fake! Ive caught Corona munching on a berry here n there and so far so good. From what I read, a few berries wont hurt. It will also make them throw up if they ingest alot!

Your welcome on the package, I had fun shopping for you. When I saw the pink crown mirror I said IF that doesnt remind me of Merrie, haha! It was a fun thing do. Have been thinking about posting a Christmas Stocking Swap but wonder if many would sign up.

Ugh, I feel lazy too some days but with 2 little ones and ALL of my animals I have to push thru, they WONT let me just sit and relax. I figure in another 5-7 yrs Ill beable to actually lay on the couch, watch my soaps and take a nap, ha!


Thanks for the info! I want a big bite of of those cinnamon buns right now!!!!

Merrie. said...

You are all so kind; I love hearing from all of you; I have been out today visiting all of you and love what you are all up to! You are a bunch of creative lil blackbirdies!!! Those cinnamon buns look real don't they? I made some mini cini bowl fillers and gingy's; my DH wants to know why I can't make him some to eat!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!

Train Wreck said...

THose aren't real?! The cinnamon rolls? They look yummy! I will have to check those little goddies out!!

My Country Baby Murphy