Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Odee

This is Odee; he is also known as The Man; he is proudly owned by Jill at The Fruit of Her Hands. I missed the post about his birthday on Sept. 9,2008; So we made him a license plate ( well, I did WORK in a prison for men once! Remember that I said WORK!!! LOL) and all the lil bully-dogs here want to wish him a big ole' Happy Birthday!!!!! Love from Niles.Murphy,Zoey and Bitsy, to you Odee "The Man" and we wish you many more. The girlz say they think you are Hot! LOL! ( I don't make this stuff up, I just report it LOL) Have fun Mr. Odee. I can see you are a loved lil guy!


Jill said...

Oh Merrie! Thank you soooooooo much that is the sweetest thing ever! I love the it :) Odee says thanks ever so much and that he's single and available but Mom says I am too young to date. Lol......that made my night........thanks again

Merrie. said...

Well the galz here can't date either! LOL! I am so glad you like it; we sure love our many doggie friends!!! And their owners too!!!

LINDA said...


carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Happy Birthday Odee!

countrygirl3031 said...

Happy Birthday're such a cutie pie!


Merrie. said...

I think Odee will love all your kind comments; be sure to visit him and his mom at Jill's blog the fruit of her hands. He has some cute siblings too! Merrie

Anonymous said...

My pins are made out of wood pieces that I paint, some are felt, and some are fabric. Will have more to post soon. We had bad weather come though and we are without power and it might be out until Saturday. Had to go to my daughter's to check my Ebay, Blog, and email.
I'll be back on line soon.

Train Wreck said...

We just had a "little man in our back yard!! It is the neighbors dog. I always have the kids bring him in and we call the owners. I am afraid he will get hit, or taken one day.

Jenn said...

Yay! Thank you so much girlfriend, I love IT ALL! I swear you were reading my mind on a few things??
I was so excited yesterday when I found the package on my porch, I was like a kid. Did you make that cinnibun and the tarts?

Awww, Happy Birthday Odee, I missed this post:(

Merrie. said...

Thank you all for all your comments; Yes Jenn I did make the tarts and buns; they are from your recipe; I am glad you like the things I sent to you; Train Wreck you are a doggy angel, I have rescued a dog in trouble in the past myself and I know exactly how you fell about protecting these lil furbabies! Cindy I am so happy that you liked your things too and I wish I could visit you at the fair :) Jill; that Odee is so darn cute! I have had so many comments on him:) Tell him he sure is popular!

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