Friday, July 18, 2008

Doggie Days

I feel badly that I haven't posted much this week; our puppy Sydney (we call her Bitsy cause she WAS a little bit of bulldog, but she answers to both; Sydney is usually used when someone is being a little "bad" ) was spayed on the 16th. She is recuperating well! I thought perhaps the meds would slow her down but no! She has to be quiet and not play for 10-14 days; this is almost impossible. She is a big ball of energy even after the surgery. We don't want to crate her all day, so we have her in our bedroom away from her siblings. She is often vocal about this situation. Her siblings are not happy either. They are ALL depressed and keep giving me the "what did she do wrong?" look. As well as the " let my sister go look" coupled with the guilt inducing whines.

Zoey spent all day yesterday moping around depressed: she got her entire body up in our window when I took the puppy out for a potty yesterday; the vet said she has to stay away from the others, they will encourage her to play and she could develop a hernia which would be bad; she also cannot run,jump,play,bark or any other puppy thing!!! Well, we gave her the puppy Xanax ( I don't really know what it is, but that is the general notion) twice now, and she is not affected much. I always think that she and Niles have doggy ADHD!

Niles was depressed this morning and had me worrying; his siblings all cuddled on top of him to comfort him! He is fine; but they really are so bonded to each other that it is hard to divide them. If we have to take one to the vet we have to be really tricky; once when my daughter had to take Niles to the vet, Murphy got mad at her and tried his best to prevent her from leaving with his brother; well, she succeeded in eluding Murphy, but when she returned he had chewed her shoes up real good! And this was at a time when he no longer did that type of thing.

These bulldogs have the biggest hearts and are extremely sensitive. They know when I am not feeling well and will comfort me; Niles stayed up nights on end with me when my gallbladder was acting up. I sat in the tub to alleviate the pain at 2:00 a.m. once and Niles stayed in the bathroom with me. When I would sit on the couch,he would sit next to me and kiss me or put his beautiful head on my lap. He often would come over to me and sit next to me leaning on me gently. He liked to lean over and look me in the eyes and would give me soft gentle kisses. He always knew how to touch me without hurting me. Niles is such a gentle soul when need be despite his "ADHD".

Murphy is the same way, but he won't stay up all night with me; he will, however, sleep near me wherever I am in the house, sometimes on top of me. He often will sit with me for a while and will give me lots of special Murph kisses. Zoey is the same way; she will paw me, and often has a questioning look on her face; she gives lots of doggie kisses too!

These bully babies are so special to us; we didn't know anything about Bulldogs other than what we had read. The books left a lot out! They forgot the fact that these lil bugs are sooo smart; Zoey is, while I type this, trying to convince me that she needs me to let her have her puppy back! She has kissed my leg, given me the paw so gently( this is not the usual way she paws me, which is generally quite rough!) and used the most evil bully trick of all; the big orphan eye treatment!!! She seems to feel that Bitsy is her baby and she doesn't want me to keep her from the baby. Zoey is now pacing around the living room. I am "supposed" to come in there and she will then show me what she wants!

She is back in here now; wiggling and kissing me; and has now given me the paw; followed by woofing and growl talking to me! This is how they communicate; they talk to us with growls and different vocalizations. They are truly the most wonderful babies, even when they are stinkers they are cute about it.

I followed Zoey; she went right to the puppy gate across my bedroom doorway. The puppy was asleep. finally, in one of the snoozys. Zoey couldn't see her so she was anxious. Of course, when I looked in, Bitsy popped her head right up. Hopefully she will go back to sleep! She needs it. Zoey is now sleeping on the rug in here with me, happy to know that her baby is okay. Good Grief!!!

Well, I'll have more later on other topics; hoping to get pictures of my thrift store/farmers market/garage sale finds!

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Shanda said...

Glad your back. I hope your puppy has a fast recovery. I know you will take good care of her.

My Country Baby Murphy