Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fun contest and giveaway

My friend TwoBarkingDogs is having a fun contest and a giveaway; go to her blog and vote on what she should make for dinner; she has a wide range of choices that all sound good; she is giving away a $10 gift card for Barnes and Noble or a box of books from her collection! So stop by and vote and leave her a comment. She is very smart and I think probably well read so I think I will opt for the books from her collection: I haven't really been reading like I used to; I read blogs,message boards and you know ; our ever increasing magazine collection; that new Romantic Home issue was wooo! And my new fall Country Sampler; well, I do devour them. But it sure would be nice to read some "real" books.
Hurry; the voting closes Saturday August 2!!!

Also, I found a new web board for prim lovers; (well, it is new to me) called Creative Home Keepers; ; please join and add to the fun! There are so many neat things there I was up til 2:00 a.m. reading and still haven't seen everything. They do have recipes for primmin' up stuff, decor ideas, and pictures; it is a great forum for prim and country lovers!


Linda said...

Hi Merrie, Thanks for the kind comments! And for the heads up on that forum. I signed up and am awaiting approval to see what's up.

This Country Girl said...


Thanks so much for the anniversary wishes and the sweet comments!

Oh boy, I really want to check out that prim forum...but I know I'll be in trouble...that's all I need is another addiction! lol!

Happy Thursday!

Merrie. said...

I know you guys will love it

My Country Baby Murphy