Saturday, July 19, 2008

My First Blog Award!

Woo-Hoo! I got my very first blog award today!!! Thank you to Two Barking Dogs who has been a great blogging friend since the beginning. She and Shanda from Front Porches have really been there from the beginning. I love this blog land! Ok; so I have to post the rules;
These are the rules associated with this award:
You must pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award, based upon creativity, design, interesting material, and that also contribute to the blogger community, no matter what language.
Each award must have the name of the author with a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.
Award-winners must show the award and put the name and link to the blog that awarded it.
Award-winners and the one who has given the prize must show the link to the
Arte y Pico blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award.
These rules must be included in your post.

Ow! This is so hard to pick just FIVE: all the blogs I read are worthy of this award!!!!
I wanted to nominate Shanda at Front Porches; but that girl is sooooooo popular she has already gotten it twice :) And, then I would have chosen Two Barking Dogs, but she is the one who gave me this award!! She is still special in my book; so anyway; without further hemming and hawing here they are;
Cheryl at
Sharon at
Meg at (AKA Lucchese to Louis Vuitton )
Kate at
Mandie at
I hope I did this right ; woo it was hard to choose; you all are so terrific; and so many of you have been awarded multiple times so you must be the best! Congrats to everybody; and again THANKS to twobarkingdogs!


Gettysburg Homestead said...

Congrats on your award!!! I am absolutely a dog fanatic. Love them and have a black lab of my own. I sat here laughing about how you describe your dogs personalities. I can actually see it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog I hope to see you again! I'll visit you again real soon.


Cheryl said...

Thank you so much for awarding me. I am truly honoured and have enjoyed reading through your blog. Thank you again so much.

Meg said...

Okay, let me try this again...don't know if the first one posted or not...I got interrupted in the middle of it!

Bottom line, thank you from the bottom of my heart for passing this great award on to this confused/counryclub/menopausal/cowgirl who doesn't think she really has a niche! surprises me everytime someone does something nice like this, because I am not your typical junior league mommy of younger children blogger! You and I are going to be great friends, I can tell. You are into dogs, pink, shabby chic and the COUNTRY...! I am adding you to my reader today so I can catch up! Sorry if you end up with two posts!

Hugs from the Hill Country!

Anonymous said...

Merrie - You deserve the award! Keep up the good work. D.

TinaTx said...

Congrats on your award!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the birthday wishes.
I'm sure when the time comes to get another pooch it will be another doxie. (the one we lost was half doxie/half rat terrier) At the moment, we don't need another one - we have had the 'grand dogs' since April - three is quite enough for me!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Thanks for the award Merrie!! I appreciate it.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Congrats to you too, on the same award! Nice to meet you, we have a lot in common! I love English Bulldogs, the next dog we get, someday. We have a English Mastiff now that we rescued, he's such a good dog, he's our kid since we are emtpy nesters now. And thanks for the neat giveaway leads too! I'll be back!

Mary said...


Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I am glad to know you and look forward to checking out all your favorite bloggers (one of my favorite pastimes ~ LOL!).

And thank you for your kind comments!

Warm regards,


pinetrees on the moor said...

Hi Merrie thank you for you kind comments i have posted more pictures today.I am going to try and get some help from my friend to night or tommorow and see if he can help setting out etc.I am not going to be beaten.Well don on your first award i am sure you well recieve many more.Talk to you soon~Kate~

Shanda said...

congrats on your award. Woof! Woof! You go girl.

Katy said...

Awww! Congrats! That is wonderful! :)

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