Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just Thinkin'

Hi everyone; first I wanted to say; I just found a new blogger. Her name is Siri; she is at Gone Country in Bayport. She loves country and prims; she has a neat house and a beautiful dog named Stallion. Please stop by and support a new blogger. And the horseshoeing housewife too; she's not new, but she is funny and loves animals too; even the icky ones! Hey, Shanda, look at her snakes! EWWWW!

And now, on to my other business;;; I have two items for thought
1.) SPOILED!!! Doggies! (mine) Y'all know I love ALLLLLL my doggies (babies) but ole Murphy has always gotten under my skin especially ( gee, no, really?) So here's a snippet from today; his new sister Bitsy (AKA Sydney; the terror,no,no,not again!) decided that due to the fact that Murphy was trying to get up on the couch with his favorite PINK ring ( I know, but I don't care, he's my baby-baby-baby) and Ms. Bitsy decided to full out attack my boy. She managed to nip him good in his eye folds; but didn't harm his eyes! He fights back, but she is just a pill; it's mostly noise, but ever once in a while someone gets a tooth in a tender spot.

Well, he is a very sensitive soul, so after this humiliation, he was very sad. Dinner time came and he was still pouting. This is what bullies do; make 'em mad, they POUT and hold a grudge! Woo! So he's not going to eat; nope, not a bit. Well, his mommy feels for him and so this is what I do;
" Oh Murphy, why don't you eat a little for your mom?" "Please?" And so he nods at me and this is what I do; (taking the bits of kibble in my hand) " Around and around, up and down, over and under, and into Murphy-town" All the while moving the kibble in my hand to match the song I am singing for my Murphy. And, then after a couple rounds of the song, he eats. Yup, I know.

Now on to number 2; I am soooooo tired of commercials! I was watching tv tonight with my hubby and bullies. Every time you get into the plot of a show ; BAM! another commercial; and I know why they are there; blah blah blah; but here's my take on it; I told my hubby (and he said I should share this, and the Murph story with you all ) that if an alien came to this planet he or she would think we are mainly comprised of bald men with erectile dysfunction who need to be in the bathroom forever, have to talk on their Jitterbug cuz they are too mentally impaired to use a real cell phone, and are all on the Silver plan from Nutri-System, driving around town on their Hover Rounds! Don't get me started on the women's issues; We are all on pills to get the four times a year period, at which time we wear Playtex tampons which make us into super athletes! We also have issues with bladder control, fragile bones and feminine itch! Are these things connected to the use of the tampons previously mentioned?? Huh? Yow!!! And wheteher we are male or female; let's not forget; irregularity!!! ARRRGH!!!!!!

Okay;;; calmer now. So now you know; oh yeah, I am one crazy country girl;;;;

On the sane side; we went for a short ride around the area yesterday; I was happy to ride as I had not for a while; and I got to see some of my favorite houses. Also a funny sign that I need to take my truck back to photograph; it appears that someone is running for a local office by the name of Horny!!! I almost fell off my bike and peed my pants ( I guess I do need those Poise pads after all!) And that is what the sign says: HORNY; underneath it is the office sought in small letters. Jay Leno would love that! It appears that this person is not too popular in that area at least as this was the only sign I saw; the sign was in the front yard of a home on our route.

I did work on my grungy jars and have to put the finishing touches on tomorrow; I'll post a pic of some tomorrow;


Shanda said...

Laughing, laughing at you tonight. Good story and point. Maybe you should snap a pic of thee old horny sign and send it in somewhere like Leno. That's too funny. Have you ever noticed how many of those items you mentioned actually sponsers Nascar. Playtex??? Depends??? Viagra??? Too funny.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

OMGosh! You are one funny girl! I laughed and laughed at this post!

Anonymous said...

I have it when those commercials come on! My dad says "That's what the mute button is for!" LOL.

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Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

And don't forget that one in five Americans suffers from genital herpes. My mama always told me that there are some things we just don't talk about.
Poor Murph. Give him a hug for me.

My Country Baby Murphy