Friday, July 25, 2008

Mr. Murphy and the Wheat Field

I wanted to share a funny story with you today. You have to understand that Murphy and Niles were raised initially as "city dogs". They had their leashes ( we call 'em "walkies" or "walky-walkies") So when I found our country home, the boys ( this was before the girls came ) were not so sure about this; Niles, in particular, when we first came to the house, looked at me like I was crazy. I tried to take them out of the minivan we had then (AKA the BTV; bulldog transport vehicle) and told them "come on". They both refused to leave the van; here's the "conversation": "Boys, come on you are home, we can go off-walky" Boys, " What, no walkies. are you trying to kill us" Me" No, really, it's okay!" Them" We only go off walky in the dog park, THIS is NOT the dogpark!" Me " No but this is now your own bully dog park"

After much hemming and hawing, they finally left the safety of the van, acting as if I were indeed plotting their demise. Niles walked around the front of the house and came running back to me. He did this several times; always looking up at me like" is okay, you sure is okay?" Murphy never left my side. He did go water a tree that was very close to me.

I took them out in the back; there is nothing but land as far as the eye can see. I love this. I have no one on either side of me for miles; there is a neighbor across the street kinda "catty-corner" I guess, but not right up on top of me. Then her son lives I guess about half a mile or so down from us to the west on the same side. So, we have ROOM to breathe. Over time, the boys morphed into "country dogs". They love their huge dog park!

Well, most of the land around my house is owned by the man that originally rented this house to me; later we bought it from him ( and not cause I like this house very much, but because of the land/space) This year, he planted wheat; and I think over by his dad's home some corn.

Mr. Murphy is pretty much the color of the wheat. From the time it began to shoot up, Murphy would go out and watch it, sniff and and yes, water and fertilize it! LOL. After a while, it got nice and tall. Murphy loved to go into it and hide from his mom; he would wander into it and be the big canine adventurer; seeking out new lands to explore! ( I think he watches too many of those nature shows with his dad) It became so thick I couldn't see him. I am overprotective of him, so I would chase him out.

He did not care for that; he would fuss and walk as slowly as possible! Bullies are very passive-aggressive at times; and they back talk a lot. He often was found eating on the wheat. YIKES! So on we went; Murphy hiding and me fussing at him to stay out of the wheat. I think he loved hiding from us and watching us secretly; I think he wants to be a canine spy!

You know what happens to all crops eventually; they HARVEST them. Oh no! Yup, they came one day and brought the big John Deere ( which the boys love!) and then it was gone. I took all the babies out that evening to play; Murphy made a beeline for his beloved wheat; then he SAW it; OH NO!!!!! MY WHEAT HAS BEEN STOLEN!!!

He gave me a look like I stole his wheat, I told him the farmers needed to take it; he was so upset he stomped right into the field and smelled every bit of the wheat bits that were left. And now, everyday, when we go out, he looks for his wheat to grow up again. I have explained to him that it probably won't grow up again this year, but Murphy has faith in his wheat. He often sits out there surveying " his land" and his field where the wheat once hid his secret bully doings. And he waits.


Jenn said...

Haha, Im right there with ya sister! You rant all you want...gee can I take you to my depo with me?? :)

Youre right tho, in every aspect! The guy who did this to me got a failure to yield the right away, vehicular assult and DWI FOUR times the legal limit! Thr forunate thing for us was he wasnt leaving his house - he was a party at the homeowners who provided the booze allowed him to leave intoxicated - so that TWO suits!!

I feel so bad for the gals house who was hit! Especially since she had a BABY in her home! Its just awful!!

I did see something about that cop and that too gave me chills!!

Ya know, the worst ppl out there with the worst offense always seem to get off....go figure!

Mr Murphy is SO dang cute, when I first saw him I wanted to squeeze his ugly lil mug...what a doll:)

Good to meet ya and thanks for the comments:)

Stay in touch!!

Back in the Day said...

I loved your story about Mr. Murphy! I laughed through the whole thing! I love those faces they give you! I laugh everytime I look at ours! It is great you live out in the country with plenty of room to roam! Ours is still a "city dog" but he is adjusting well! He is way too lazy to go do any running so what little bit of room he has is okay with him! It was so great hearing from you! I am adding your blog to my favorites so I can keep up with your bullies!

cdncowgirl said...

OMG this was hilarious! I love when I find a new blog and it makes a good first impression :)
(I wandered over from Meg's place at "Lucchese to Louis Vuitton")

I have 2 dogs (not bullies but I have always loved them) 2 cats and 3 horses. I always imagine conversations for them too.

I'll definitely be stopping by here often!

ps-My blog was in Meg's blogroll story she did, it was "My Horse Life" but I've changed the title since then... its now "(Not Quite) Home on the Range" if you happen to stop by.

Train Wreck said...

Welcome to the field of Bloggers!! I just startd in May! I am addicted.
I love your Bulldogs! We wanted to get one but, they were a little out of our price range! So we will have to wait till the kids are gone! I too popped over from Megs! I will add you to my favs! As I can see I will need to keep an eye on you!*- (Wink!) I LOVE that KITCHEN too!! Very good taste you have, we will get along great!

Dawn said...

Merrie, thanks for stopping by. I'm new at this, but I have enjoyed it so much! Its so addictive! I took a quick look at your blog, will look again on Mon. with more time! Mr Murphy looks precious! We have a furry one too, Scooter is a red dachshund! Much loved. talk to you later, Dawn

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy looks like he's got the weight of the whole world on his shoulders.

This Country Girl said...

Oh, poor Mr. Murphy! That's the sweetest story! I love the photo! He patiently waits! I loved this story! Thanks for sharing!


Black Sheep Lisa said...

Mr. Murphy is simply adorable!
We have a boxer-mastiff mix, named Fatboy Moose!
Thank you for visiting my blog and for your support with the gastric bypass, it means so much to share with ones who understand.

My Country Baby Murphy