Monday, July 7, 2008

Dragons in Midland

It has been a very scary beginning to July. My murphy became ill on the day before the holiday. The vet thinks something bit him as there were many doggies exhibiting the same symptoms as Murphy. By Sunday, he was well and back to himself; thank goodness. He worries the daylights out of me when he gets sick; as do they all!

So Sunday, we decided to visit my friend Janie's store; Moosebumps ( to be renamed soon; Shady Grove Country Store)She was having an auction. I had never been to one so off we went. Well, last week before the baby got sick I had finally made good on my promise to secure a spot at her store; and I dropped off my grungy, primmy jars and a very grunged up angel. On the way, I spied something I wanted to look at but being with my daughter who was being a big pill at the time, I decided to look at it later. Yesterday was "later" After sitting in the auction for a while to see how these things go, I remembered that I wanted to go to Menard's for plywood and being Sunday, they may close early. On the way we stopped to investigate my sighting of something interesting. Sure enough, there it was; a beautiful dragon. Soooo.... if there's one.... maybe..... there's more???
One of my favorites ( the first one I saw on my previous drive through )

Oh yes, many more! So I hippity hopped all around the downtown taking pictures to share with you of these beautiful sculptures installed in Midland ,MI . I also took some photos of the flowers and the river, they will be in a different album. I didn't want to put too many pictures on the blog because sometimes it makes loading the site lengthy. We also met a man with the most fantastic thing I have ever seen to play with; I am so plotting to get one!!!! It is called a trikke;
This is it; I am putting the link in here for it if you want to see it; It looked like way too much fun! This is Bryan, he sells them at his store in Midland. I HATE exercise, but this was right up my alley; and it works your whole body,you can go fast or slow; it is easy to learn and folds up into a small package, it is lightweight, but sturdy. WOOOOOO!

Well; hope you like the albums ; there are two new ones at Picasa; one with my babies and one with ALL the dragons. There will be more; I plan to create one with my "hand-dids" that will be for sale, And who knows what else my mind will wander into. I get so much creative inspiration from other blogs and in my wanderings. We didn't spend any money yesterday, except for gas ( and then dinner at the Ponderosa!) but it was such a wonderful, inspiring day for me.( And, I never got to Menard's; too much fun with the dragons, but that's okay by me!)

Now for the really, really best part of yesterday; I almost forgot!!!
My daughter met us for dinner and gave my husband his truck back (she borrowed it overnight)So after stopping at Tim Horton's for a box of Tim-Bits for my babies, I began to drive home. I see ahead of me a commotion; cars are stopping, horns are blowing; then I see it. A little dog. Looked like a Boston Terrier which I love; but then I love ALL dogs! ; I start saying "NONONONONONO!" Someone is going to hit this dog!; I immediately acted in instinct; I don't remember thinking at all! I drove off the side of the road to park and some jackass sped past me at a high rate of speed; right toward the doggie; I just knew he would be hit and it was right next to my truck; I screamed and covered my eyes. Well, his guardian angel was looking out for him! He scooted in front of those tires just barely missing being squashed.

I think he knew; I just jumped out and yelled at him to come over here now! He did! I threw him in my truck and jumped in behind him. He was sooooo cute and sweet!; He sat right down; and kissed me and hugged me. I was near tears. I couldn't imagine what I would have done if he had been killed. So I saw an older man up the road kinda looking; I thought; " oh good grief, he's gonna think I'm stealing his doggie!"

So, I drove down to him. He said it was not his doggie and he didn't recognize it; but we discovered a bunch of tags; they were worn, but the gentleman had glasses; I couldn't read doodly squat on the name tag! Well, his name " Titus" I phoned the number we "thought" it was; no luck, no one at home. So I left a message. In a couple of minutes my phone rang and it was Titus' owner; this little booger had gotten off his chain in the yard while the owner was power washing his house!; The man was looking in the wrong area for him.
And so, the saga of Titus came to a happy end; his owner was so happy, Titus was happy and I felt like I had contributed something good to the world. Cause there is nothing like the love of a dog!
Thanks Titus for those kisses and hugs; you are a special dog! (It turns out that Titus is a mix of Boston Terrier and Jack Russell; that explains his activity level right there)

So that has been my holiday week! I hope yours was great!

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