Monday, August 18, 2008

About the Pay it Forward Game

Hey blogger friends; I had some folks looking for a Pay it Forward to join since mine is now closed.(click on their names to go to their blogs) Jane ( who, by the way, owns a fabric store! Quilters; woo-hoo; this is a neat place to go and it's online and easy!!! See the links to the left for the website and her blog!) from Jane's fabrics had an opening or two on hers and Jenn at Bittersweet Primitives and Fixin's has an opening If you are ready to have some wild fun and get some goodies in your mailbox, go on over and sign up with these two. Jenn does prims and Jane is a quilter, so you never know what you may get, but it will be fun. Then you get to be the giver and put up the Pay It Forward on your blog and give out some goodies of your own. And it can be a small something so don't worry about having to go crazy finding things ( okay. that is what I am doing, but that is because I am a nut!!!LOL!) Have fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Merrie,
I still have my "Pay It Forward" up on my blog site, from where I joined in on yours if anyone would like to join on mine. I have not had any one yet but am still hoping.
Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention something in my earlier comment. I remembered you telling me that you have a sewing/embroidery machine; so I wanted to let you know that I was asked by some of my blogging friends about what all I have put embroidery on. I posted some photos of my favorites things that I've done today and just wanted to let you know since you did embroidery also.

Sandy said...

Hi Merrie,

I just gave you a award so drop on over to my blog to see.


This Country Girl said...


I just dropped by to say hello! I hope you have a great day!

I always enjoy your visits and comments! Thanks so much!


Angie said...

Merrie I have nominated as one of my favorite bloggers. check out my blog for your message!

The Pink Potpourri said...

hey merrie! i'm so glad you stopped by the pink potpourri to say hello! love your blog. and i love pink too :)

in case you didn't see it, we're hosting a swap! so be sure to sign up, get a free package in the mail, and tell all your friends :) and we also have giveaways every weekend!

Merrie. said...

thanks everybody; you are all so kind

My Country Baby Murphy