Friday, August 8, 2008

I have been meaning to show you all some of my treasures from thrifting and some recent photos of my craft items; but you all keep distracting me with your beautiful,creative,gorgeous blogs. Each day, I plan to do things, but the call of blogland is very hard to resist; Meg from Lucchese to Louis Vuitton says she doesn't have time for tv anymore because her blog is her "mistress". I agree, except for me, it is your blogs that call my name. I hate to miss a thing; I am currently mad cuz I missed out on a huge Secret Santa at chookyblue's blog! And I know it will be FANTASTIC!!! But I missed out cuz I didn't read her blog on the announcement day and she got flooded! Next year I'll be paying better attention; it sure looked like fun!

Okay enough whining about that and blaming y'all cuz I have NO discipline! Oh, it's true; I do not have a bit.

So now I am playing catch up!!! These are things from various treasure missions; I like the Lapeer Farmer's Market; not only do I get good cheap fresh locally grown fruit and vegetables; they have treasures! They are open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from May to October. I also go to thrift shops like Goodwill and Salvation Army; I feel good about that because my little amount of money does go to help others. ( I also donate things that I don't need/want anymore to help out too!)

I also began doing a little garage saling; by accident; I got two grungy quilts to use in crafting for all of nine dollars. And some never used beautiful pillows for $5...

You know these bunnies are waiting to get all primmed up; but they were $3 for both!

These were free( I love the green bowl? dish?)

This was found at the Goodwill store for $2; there was one like it at the Farmer's Market for $8; I think I did good!!!!

There's more....
from the farmer's market

from the thrift stores

Also from the farmer's market;

That is a goofy sticker in the bowl; arrgh! It looks bad; but is NO LONGER THERE!
This is a feed sack from the local Co-op; also from the Farmer's Market:

These bears I got on two separate trips to the farmer's market; both were $1 each!!!

The Primmy Things I make and sell:

One of the super primmy snowballs; smells so good; cinnamon,coffee,vanilla;

My soon to be house sign inspired by another blogger's sign! I have to look to remember whose it was:

Not so primmy; more shabby chic; I made this a couple of years ago.

Small Shaker Box I primmed :

One of the lids for the jars:

Sorry the last two are a bit blurry; but you get the idea. Now I am mostly up to date on my treasure finds ; Last weekend we went to the farmer's market in Lapeer on Saturday; then we headed to Port Huron so I could go to Mary Maxim's Craft Store; you can order from them online; they are in the U.S. and also have a store in Canada (Sarnia,Ontario I think) The link is for the U.S. one; link for Canada is . They have some great items for crafting,knitting,sewing,quilting,beading, and they have email alerts and coupons for sales too. We did not take the bikes that day because I did want to buy a few items and it is impossible to do any good shopping on the bikes, at least 'til I get saddlebags!!!LOL!

Here are some photos from that trip:

The Blue Water Bridge from the U.S. (Michigan) into Sarnia, Ontario,Canada

The Huron Lightship; used to warn ships with its light:

My two favorite flags; Canada and the US; this is in Ontario.

Then on Sunday; we went to take Niles,Murphy,Zoey,Bitsy to McDonald's, where their sister is beginning her manager training. And these mugs love McDonald's! This is what a bully trip looks like ( in Sparkle):
Niles is telling his Dad;" we needz more sausage biscuits!"

Niles and Zoey; "Dis openz, how u do dat?" ( I had never opened the back hatch window, so this was a big revelation to them!

The Murph; " U didn't tell me it openz! Whatz up wit dat?"

Bitsy and Zoey; " Me stick my head out first, NO!! ME FIRST!"

Murphy says; ( in LOL speak; see I has a HotDog link) this my hooman sister, her names is Christmas Eve; we calls her Chrissie; we is a bi-species family,canine-hooman; but we don'ts care; we luves her like she is canine! And she gives us good noms; and makes her co-workers gives us good noms too, like Milk-Bones!
After we took them back home; we decided to take a short ride around the Thumb of Michigan; I think we totaled about 190 miles all together.

Here's some more for you to look at:
The fountain in Port Austin where we had lunch; Port Austin is on the shore of Lake Huron;

Our bikes; no, mine does not have a name; but I love it just the same !

My FAVORITE helmet; I love pink and black!!!

Harbor Beach; also on the shores of Lake Huron;
So I am almost caught up; but I want to post a pic of the rainbow outside my sewing room window yesterday, but I have to download it; so I will have to do that next time. I have never put this many photos on at one time; AND it has taken me all the day to do it!LOL!!!!

Well that's all for now!!! I bet you are saying finally!!! LOL


Linda said...

Lots of neat treasures you found and I loved the pics of the trip. I want to go back to that area someday.

And I agree - blogging is my mistress! LOL

This Country Girl said...

Merrie, found lots of goodies! You did good, girl! I also love the prim goodies you make!

I spend WAY too much time on the computer blogging...when school begins (homeschool), I don't know what I'll to find a routine that works that's for sure!

And I think the person you were thinking of that did the house numbers was Wendy of the Cozy Yellow House, if I remember correctly!

Have a great weekend!

Merrie. said...

Thanks Tammy and Linda; and I think it was the cozy yellow house where I saw that; she did such a great job! I too, love to read your blogs; try to work on mine and just get lost in blog world! I am glad y'all visited:)

Linda said...

Hi Merrie,

Thanks for the sweet comments. My dishes are called Bennington Pottery. I have been collecting them for years. They are my 'Sunday best" - I haven't owned China in probably 25 years.

hugs, Linda

Ramona said...

Hi Merrie ~
Thank you for your sweet comments...your blog is wonderful! I love all of the photos...and the bikes...and especially those cutie~pie dogs!
I will visit again.


Back in the Day said...

Okay Merrie - We are starting to have WAY too much in common! We love primitives, we both have bullys, and now, the motorcycles! My husband owns a motorcycle shop and we have a Sportster too!
I laughed when I seen the car ride. Cane rides like that all the time too!
I love your finds! You really did a great job finding all of those neat things!

pinetrees on the moor said...

Hi Merrie i love all of your market finds.The dogs are just so cute, you can tell what they are thinking ,my old collie dog(she is called Rollo after the chocolate) she has expressions like that.I really must post pictures of the dogs,but like you i never watch t.v i spend my time reading prim blogs,everyone is so friendly and warm.Well its raining today again so i wonder what i will do,maybe some care~Kate~

Anonymous said...

What a fun post! I love love love the photos of the dogs! Those aren't bulldogs -- they're hams! with tiny little legs!

You also did really well with your thrifty finds! The quilts are lovely and I really like the box o'prunes!

I'm charging up my camera at the moment so I can put up some photos of my finds yesterday.

I haven't been to many yard sales this summer ... I've been hitting the thrift stores mostly.

((( *** I found a $50 bill in a book that I bought for $1.25 at the thrift yesterday *** paid for the whole day plus gas and lunch (which caused gas, too. LOL )))

Anonymous said...

Hi Merrie,
It is so much fun to find treasures at garage sales and thrift shops and you sure found lots of great goodies.

Love your trip pictures. My husband and I came to Michigan on vacation 4 years ago and can't wait to come back again. It is such a beautiful state.

Your doggies are sooo cute! We have a Yorkie and a Yorkie Poo but my hubby says he would like to have a Bulldog one day.

You had visited my site back in July checking out my kitchen redo and it is coming along. I've not worked on it lately as I watched my grand-daughter this summer while school was out, but I hear it calling me to finish it!

I have so enjoyed reading your blog and have added you to my blogroll list.

Prim Blessings,

Jenn said...

Great finds Merrie!! The bigger tart pan, round mold thingy would make for an awesome pantry cake!!
I love YOUR JARS and your dirty snowballs ( I make them too) :)

Jenn said...

Great minds think alike eh??!!
Haha! Yep, I took them out of the molds (with a towel cuz they are HOT) sprayed them a little with Pam and rubbed on more spices, about every hour. Are you in CA now, or in the US?

Anonymous said...

Isn't that flea market/antique show in Springfield just the greatest! It is the biggest one in our part of Ohio. I had a booth there about 20 years ago with my craft items. It was crazy and I decided never again! I would rather just go shop.
I left you a reply on my blog to your comment if you want to hop over and read it.
Take care,

Jane's Blog said...

Merrie, You are so lucky, you found such great things, I am never that lucky, I of course love the quilts! Jane

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

First, I must say I am madly in love with Murphy!! I can only imagine the snore-fest those three have every night! They are all precious!
Wow, great finds too! In these parts, I love hittin' barn and garage sales but I need to put the brakes on because I get carried away!
I love that pink and black helmet too!! :> )

Julie said...

WOW!! That was fun to see. What a bunch of fun things. I would love to go to Michigan someday. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Julie

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

are those candles you made? I bet they smell great. Your prim goodies are wonderful and I really like the pillow you made. I remember crossing that bridge 23 years ago! It looks beautiful.

Kindra said...

Boy, do you have some great treasures there. I think I'm drooling on the keyboard. :)

I agree, blogging is very addicting and I could easily spend hours on the computer reading everyone's blogs. I just enjoy it so much! Have a great night!

Merrie. said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments; I love to visit your blogs and your websites and hope that folks that visit me will visit you all too; they will have a fantastic journey! And find some neat new friends like I have! I am so lucky to have such neat friends who inspire me and tempt me!

Gayla said...

Just found your blog from Cranberry Flats,and I love it... I love all your treasures and your furry friends... and your music... brings a tear to my eyes. THanks for a great blog!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

You found lots of great treasures! I love the bears and the pillow you made is so pretty! We just went up to that bridge and area last month! I love the UP!


Farm Chick Paula said...

What wonderful treasures!!! I'm feeling a little green with envy over your finds...
I had to laugh over the "mistress" comment... thanks to blogs like yours, I too, have been lured into an awful affair with a 19 inch color monitor. LOL

Train Wreck said...

Did I mention that I want to go "treasure hunting" with you? I love all your little finds! Putting the "Pay it forward" on my page!

Cookie said...

what precious pups!

and wow, great finds too - I'll hop on and ride this love train (even in the back with the kids) next road trip!

My Country Baby Murphy