Thursday, August 7, 2008

I've been tagged!!!!

I have been tagged by Jenn over at Bittersweet Fixins "n" Primitives; she is a very funny gal; you should all go over there and visit her.

This tag is "Seven Strange Things About Me"

(Now she makes me have to think! I think everything about me is normal; LOL; I bet I will be getting my comments filled on that one!)

1.) This is the REAL BIG ONE!!! I have severe claustrophobia; it is so bad that before I go anywhere I have to find out about the "elevator situation" I absolutely cannot even walk by an elevator without getting lightheaded; my heart beging to pound and my hands start to sweat like crazy! I can't be in a small bathroom where I have to lock the door for fear of getting locked in a small space. I know why I have this problem, and yes I have gotten stuck in elevators twice. When we go to a hotel, I like to go to ones I have stayed in before because I know the layout!

2.) I named my truck; *Sparkle* I have never really cared for cars all that much ; just that they have a cd player and that they run, okay up until we got our really big truck the H2; after we got rid of it, which killed me... we finally got the second most truck of my dreams... and I love it; so for the first time I named her. Although I did always call the H2 Big Dog!!! LOL. Here's a picture of Sparkle...

3.)I have running conversations with my dogs; and yes, I understand fluent dog; read my posts; you'll understand. LOL

4.) I love cotton candy pink crocs! I wear them everywhere and I actually have a winter pair lined with sheepskin (faux of course!)

5.) I LOVE TAB!!! that's right; the soft drink from what; the sixties,seventies??? Yes, you can still find it in certain areas. It was the precursor to all the Diet Coke,Diet Pepsis we have today. Well, it comes in a pink can for goodness sake! AND... it allegedly has the most caffeine of any diet drink. I am not talking about the *energy* drink; I am talking about old school Tab; used to come in those funny frosted bottles. I have to tell you a funny story about Tab; when I was growing up, we drank pop/coke as kids. My dad was funny, he loved a bargain ( he also loved to dumpster dive, which was then called; garbage picking; we kids were embarrassed to death; now I do it!!! LOL) soo, unbeknownst to us kids, Tab was cheaper than regular Coke, so my dad would buy it; and we did not know. well, when I was older and started drinking Coke I kept wondering why it didn't taste the same as it did when I was little. Well, I gained a whole load of weight with my last pregnancy so I thought I would start to drink diet coke; I started by drinking Tab which was then available at KFC; I finally figured it out; we got slicked by our dad! But I still love Tab!!! When we lived in Canada, we would go to Buffalo,NY for our shopping raids I called them and we found a place that sold Tab; so each time we went we had to get Tab and Krispy Kreme Donuts ( until they got them in Canada at which time I did the happy dance)

6.) I watch cartoons!!! Oh yes, I do! My favorite of all times is Bugs Bunny; and they have a lot of bulldogs in those cartoons! I have it on my I-Pod; and my computer. I also love Tom and Jerry; again a lot of bulldogs, love that Spike and Butch ( hee-hee; I married Butch !!!) I watch SpongeBob SquarePants currently. I refuse to act my age! I would rather watch cartoons at least the old ones than to watch a lot of the icky stuff on tv.

7.) My husband is my closest friend. I know that they say you should have some secrets from your spouse, but I never have. We go everywhere together; I have tried going off with a friend or two on occasion, and have had some fun, but not as much as when he is there to share it with me. I am very close with him and have been since the very beginning; we have gone through a lot together and we like a lot of the same things.

I have one more... I love the Mounties!!!( RCMP)

Okay now its yourrrr turn; I do not know who to tag so I am tagging all of you; can't wait to see your "secrets"


TinaTx said...

Someone who can understand claustrophobia! Do you notice that people that aren't claustrophobic don't care anything about understanding it? They just think 'it's all in your head'. Well, duh.

This Country Girl said...


I could totally relate to clautrophobia...I'm that way about heights! It's no laughing matter when you feel that way!

It was fun reading more about you!


This Country Girl said...

Umm..that was supposed to be claustrophobia!


Merrie. said...

You guys are so cool; I am glad to have friends who get it! And the height thing; I can't stand to go on the roller coasters anymore because I don't like the sensation at the top of hanging backwards; I bet you guys know what I mean; and also we have no spelling police here; I make more typos than anyone LOL! Merrie

Jenn said...


I can NOT stand elevators! OMG, even with a bad ankle I will take the stairs, no matter how many flights! FORGET IT!!
July 15th? Happy Belated Birthday:)
Im the 4th, with red hair and a firecracker 'tude to boot...haha!!
My daughter Isabella, who is about to turn 4 has a thing for pink crocs as well with all of the little jewels that go on them:)

Merrie. said...

Jenn this is why I love blogland; Tina,Tammy and yourself are so fun and creative and supportive; You guys rock! You tell Isabella I hope she always loves pink shoes and continues to decorate her crocs; she sounds like she is just like her mommy! I am looking for sparkly things to put on mine!

Jenn said...

Haha, girl you kill me!!!
Im sure we could find ya a crown or 2....:)
Im gonna search the web for them!!

Jenn said...

Check it out!

They also have rhinestones:)

PS - I forgot to tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your truck - its a monster!!

Merrie. said...

Thanks Jenn; that is why I love it!!! And you are so cool for finding me the website!!!

Jane's Blog said...

thanks for the tag, I answered and then i tagged someone else, I wonder how far it will go? Jane

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