Friday, August 15, 2008

Fall Giveaway at Behind My Red Door

Hi Everyone; Go on over to Linda's blog: Behind My Red Door to enter for her fall giveaway!! Hurry; the contest ends on Sunday and she will draw the winner on Monday!!! Run!!!! Look at all those wonderful things for Fall; she has a number of individual photos on her blog, so you can see all these items up close and personal!


Linda said...

Thanks for adding that Merrie!

My sink if called Ultrastone and Lowe's and other places sell it. Just google that and you can read all about the hardness - it is a composite. I LOVE IT!!

Merrie. said...

Thanks Linda! I will do that! Merrie

This Country Girl said...

I'm really excited about this giveaway! It's great, isn't it?


My Country Baby Murphy