Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another I love your blog award!

WOW; Another friend, Nicole from Back in the Day has also given me the I Love your Blog Award!! Okay this makes six! I am so grateful to all of you; this is so wild that you all love my blog as much as I love all of yours! I am so happy to have met you all here in blogland and I hope that you will continue to visit with me.

Again thank you all; the bullies here say" Thank you for making our mom do the happy dance, this is the first time we have seen our mom do it for so long!!" Murphy and Niles say" We's don't know what all the fuss is about, she didn't even get a milkbone for goodness sake! We gives her awards all the time; oh wait Niles, those aren't awards, remember when Mom said those are "tootsie rolls"? Oh yes,Murphy, you are right, but she was hopping up and down the other day when Sydney left her the awards, I mean, tootsie rolls, by the front door, 'member? But Niles, that wuz a different kind of dancin', I think it wuz a unhappy tootsie roll dance! Ohhhh, yeah; okay, I get it now! "
Well, the boys are right about that one; I am doing the really happy dance now ( not the tootsie roll dance, thank goodness!)


Anonymous said...

I just found out that you gave me the "I Love Your Blog" award. What a wonderful surprise! I was not on-line yesterday. I spend the day playing games with my granddaugther and then went to see Kenny Rogers in concert last night.

I put the award on my blog but will post my list of seven tomorrow as it is late here and I need go get some sleep. But first I wanted to let you know that I am giving this award to you also, because I do LOVE your blog! And thank you, thank you for giving it to me, You Made My Day!!

Sandy said...

Hi Merrie,

I just wanted to let you know that I mailed out your PIF gift today. So you will be expecting it soon.

Enjoy :)


Merrie. said...

And now more sweet bloggers! You guys are so great!!!

Train Wreck said...

Ok I posted my award! Thank you again! I also made a little "thank you picture" to go with my look who gave me an award post, oh and a special song just for you! wink!

Jenn said...


Ck my blog:)

Farm Chick Paula said...

Yay for you- you're on a roll!!!
You are very deserving of all your awards, Merrie- you have a wonderful blog!!

Rue said...

Hi Merrie :)

Congratulations! I just love those pups of yours. The tootsie roll not so much LOL


The Homely Animal said...

A very fun blog indeed! Thanks for posting so many fun give-away links!

My Country Baby Murphy