Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Generous Blogger

Here is another one of those generous bloggers I am talking about. Head on over to see Tammy at her blog and enter this contest for this beautiful Amish type doll and the three clothespin dolls are included as well!!! WOW! The contest ends Saturday the 30th at 6 PM Eastern time . And the drawing will be held on Sunday the 31st at 12 Noon Eastern time. So get going!!! Good Luck ( well, ya know I hope I win; but as I always say, if I can't win, I hope it is one of y'all)


This Country Girl said...

Thanks Merrie! I'm posting this on my blog later today too! I'd love to win!

Have a great week!

Mandie said...

Thanks Merrie! :)

I hopped over and signed up


Merrie. said...

I am so glad we can all help one another and have fun too!!!

LINDA said...

Thanks, Merrie, I signed up! Aren't these sweet?

The Wife said...

Thanks for looking me up! I so appreciate the pop in! You have an awesome site. Your dogs are too cute!

Siri said...

Hi Merrie,

I wanted to say thanks for stopping over at my blog several weeks ago. I haven't had a chance to sign on to my blog because my poor stallion has been sick and because of everything else. Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway. Have a great day! Prim Hugs,


My Country Baby Murphy